404 9-Ball Tour

404 Tour Draws 73 Players!

It was another busy day for room owner John White and tournament director Leo Nigosian. The 11th stop of the 404 Tour was held this past weekend at Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto. The tour welcomed back John Morra who has spent the past few months sharpening his game in the Philippines. It was also great to see that many of the lower ranked players have been showing significant improvement.

Erik Hjorleifson

Erik Hjorleifson worked his way through the top of the bracket while Mario Morra was grinding the lower bracket. It was Mario who secured his spot in the finals while Erik was sent to the B-Side to take care of Jesse Piercy for the second time in this tournament. Jesse would have to settle for 3rd place, just ahead of Tom Hogan who also had a nice finish.
The finals featured Mario Morra and Erik Hjorleifson, both players ranked the maximum 11 handicap. The outcome could have been decided by a flip of a coin. In fact, that is what both players agreed to do, Erik called “tails” and won the toss to take the 1st place spot. Nice flip!
This is how they finished:
1st – Erik Hjorleifson – $800
2nd – Mario Morra – $550
3rd – Jesse Piercy – $350
4th – Tom Hogan – $270
5-6th – Tom Polsi – $190
5-6th – Raphael Balverde – $190
7-8th – Ed Muere – $140
7-8th – Ian Argue – $140
9-12th – Peter Hetherington – $90
9-12th – Brittany Bryant – $90
9-12th – Richard Murray – $90
9-12th – Greg Gauthier – $90
13th-16th – John Handzel – $50
13th-16th – Justin Leyland – $50
13th-16th – Ryan Eugenio – $50
13th-16th – ??? – $50

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