404 9-Ball Tour

Al Porter Takes it Home

A strong field of 48 players was in attendance for the third stop of the Four Points Tour at BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket, Ontario. The reconfigured handicap structure of the tour has attracted some new players and new winners.

Chad Bishop
Chad Bishop

All eyes were on Chad Bishop from Brampton as he stormed through the A-side bracket with wins over Mike Leigh (6-6), Randy Strong (6-2), Richard Murray (6-2), Rod Arsenault (6-5) and Al Porter (6-6). Chad was now in the finals and he waited to see who would surface from the B-Side to challenge him.
It was the smooth-stroking veteran Al Porter who emerged from the B-Side. Porter was having a great tournament as he overcame several top players on his road to the winners circle. Porter has wins over Peter Brunskole (8-3), Mike Dewey (8-3), Mike Patrowicz (7-7), Shane Gummerson (8-3), John Morra (6-8) and Erik Hjorleifson (7-7). With the momentum on his side, Al took the title and the first place price with a 8-4 win over Chad Bishop.
Thanks again to BigWigs Billiards staff for hosting this event and additional thanks to the tournament director Blain Jorgensen for running another top notch tournament.

1st AL PORTER 8 $700 $750
2nd CHAD BISHOP 6 $440 $400
3rd ERIK HJORLEIFSON 11 $320 $270
4th JUSTIN LEYLAND 8 $220 $200
5-6th CHRIS LEE 6 $150 $150
5-6th JOHN MORRA 12 $150 $150
7-8th ROD ARSENAULT 8 $100
9-12th ISAAC RAMOS 8 $75
9-12th ROY McCONNELL 5 $75
9-12th SHANE GUMMERSON 7 $75
9-12th WADE HILL 6 $75

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