404 9-Ball Tour

Andy Aupin Heats up BigWigs

On January 26-27th at BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket, 59 players made it through the slush and snow to compete in the 8th event of the 404 9-Ball Tour.  It was Naomi Williams who waltzed though the top have of the bracket with wins over Steve Boyce (7-3), Richard Murray (7-4), K.C. Nguyen (7-4), Mike Patrowicz (7-1) and Erik Hjorleifson (7-9).  In the lower bracket, Andy Aupin took out Dennis Rhodes (11-2), Isaac Ramos (11-5), A.J. Tibayan (11-4), Ken Botham (11-5) and Shane Gummerson (11-3).

Andy Aupin
Andy Aupin

In the hotseat match, Naomi was unable to dodge Andy Aupin as he took the win with a 11-5 score.  Naomi then faced Hjorleifson on the b-side to see who would play Andy for the title.  After some minor negotiating, Naomi moved through to the finals.  In the end, Andy remained undefeated and took the title.
Thanks to the staff at BigWigs and tournament director Blain Jorgensen for running another successful event.
This is how they finished:

1st ANDY AUPIN 11 $850 $850
2nd NAOMI WILLIAMS 7 $520 $480
3rd ERIK HJORLEIFSON 11 $380 $300
4th SHANE GUMMERSON 7 $260 $200
5-6th TOL KUY 8 $180 $120
5-6th STEFANE GODINHO 7 $180 $120
7-8th MIKE PATROWICZ 9 $120
7-8th KEN BOTHAM 7 $120
9-12th JUSTIN KLUZNIK 8 $85
9-12th GANNON McSWEENY 6 $85
9-12th ROB JOHNSON 7 $85
9-12th MALCOLM MacTAGGART 5 $85

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