404 9-Ball Tour

Can’t Stop Those Filipinos!

This week’s 404 has come and gone. With tournaments all across Toronto Shooters managed to get 28 players out this weekend. With hype leading up to the Silver Jubilee Colossus everyone is getting their tournament time in. There have been a lot of different winners this season at Shooters Snookerclub. Some of whom showed up this weekend in the form of: Rob Hall, John Timmermans, Dean Mcnaughton, etc. Best guess on the winner of this week’s tournament?
We are mid-evening and down to the final 12. On the A side unsurprisingly is TJ Arch versus Rob Hall and Dean MacNaughton versus Mario Morra. Some good matches there. The B side was no less exciting with Art Bertoni versus Aamer Kheraj, Jeff Robson versus Russ Cormier, John Timmermans versus Terrilyn R, and Aqeel Mohamad, versus Darwim Madriaja. Starting with the A side, a surprising upset with TJ dominating Rob Hall beating him 6-3 and sending Rob to the B side. Dean and Mario are two titans going against each other and was observed by spectators. With Dean’s slower and methodical level of play he managed to contain Mario and beat him 9-5.
On the B side Art & Aamer were going to game for game with each other and that never favors the higher handicap. This time it was Aamer that was the higher handicap and was sent out of the tournament at a 5-5 scoreline. The same cannot be said for the match between Robson and Cormier. Robson seemed to have a handle on his match beating Russ 9-4. It got much closer for Jeff in his next match against Art winning hill-hill. With that teaser over Jeff had to take on the monster that is Rob Hall, Jeff seemed to have his slaying shoes on winning 8-5 and guaranteeing himself 4th place.
On the bottom side of the B side bracket, John makes quick work of Terrilyn winning 9-4. The same can be said for Darwin giving Aqeel a donut winning 7-0. Darwin was able to keep his winning streak alive against John going game for game with him until tying it up at 6-6 and winning. Darwin repeated this strategy against Mario Morra and it seemed to have worked because Darwin advances again 6-6. With all the confidence in the world after taking out two big names and tournament favorites could Darwin take home the title? There is still much work to do. This now leaves Darwin to take on Jeff. You know what they say history repeats itself, and once again Darwin went game for game with Jeff until he picked up the win at 6-5. Darwin now advances himself to the B side finals waiting for the loser of the A side final.
Back to the A side final. Dean versus TJ. Dean gives TJ the schtick winning 9-0 as we have our second barbecue of the final 12. TJ still has a chance to come back from the B side, but has to overcome Darwin in the process. While TJ gave it his all Darwin proved to be too strong winning 6-4. This is not a special event so Darwin will just need to win once to take home this week’s title. History repeats itself again as Darwin just won by a 6-4 margin he once again repeated that against Dean to take home this week’s tournament title!

Congratulations to Darwin Madriaja for winning Shooters 404 9-Ball Tour #8 Event (May 13-14, Finale). Darwin played unbelievable well, fought hard from the B-Side and took down the Championship Title. Credit also go to Dean MacNaugton for his outstanding performance who was undefeated in the A-Side and came second. TJ Arch placed third. Shooters would like to thank everyone who plays and supports our event.
Prize payouts (Calcutta not included):
1st Darwin Madriaja – $550
2nd Dean MacNaughton – $360
3rd TJ Arch – $230
4th Jeff Robson – $150
5&6th Mario Morra – $100
5&6th Rob Hall – $100
Reminder: April 9, “2-6” 9-Ball Event
April 15, “3-7” 10-Ball Event
April 22-23, Silver Jubilee ($8,000) added Finale

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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