404 9-Ball Tour

Cody Ward goes undefeated in Newmarket

The 3rd event of the 404 Tour’s 10-ball summer series was held on June 21st at BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket, Ontario. A relatively small field of only 13 players ducked out of the summer heat to demonstrate their skills.

Cody Ward
After winning his first national title earlier this year, our 2012 Canadian Junior Champion Cody Ward has proved that he can compete at the open level as well. Cody had wins over Sumon Sarkar (6-1), Mike Patrowicz (6-6), Rob Hall (6-5) and Jyri Kari (6-2) to secure his spot in the finals.
It was Rob Hall who emerged from the b-side. After Rob’s 5-6 loss to Cody, Rob knocked out Borin Chea, Mike Patrowicz and Jyri Kari to reach the final match of the tournament. Although Rob Hall was the winner of the last event in Toronto, he agreed to split the cash with the young Cody Ward in the finals. Nice jobs guys.
1st – CODY WARD (6) $300
2nd – ROB HALL (9) $200
3rd – JYRI KARI (6) $110

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