404 9-Ball Tour

'Gummer' Gets it Done at BigWigs

BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket hosted the 3rd stop of this year’s 404 9-Ball Tour on November 16-17th.
In the top half of the bracket, Chad Bishop looked unstoppable as he cruised through the field with wins over Russ Cormier (6-4), Mike Atanasijevic (6-2), Mario Morra (6-4), Jeremy Isard (6-5) and Wade Hill (6-5). In the lower bracket, Chris Lee had wins over Isaac Ramos (6-7), Jeff Pollock (6-2), Kevin Lazaro (6-4), Shane Gummerson (6-5) and Greg Plester (6-4). Chris eventually was sent to the b-side of the draw after he lost the hot seat match to Chad Bishop (6-3). After a long day of competitive competition on Saturday, the 47-player field was narrowed down to only 12 players.

Shane 'Gummer' Gummerson
Shane ‘Gummer’ Gummerson

Shane Gummerson had a healthy breakfast Sunday morning as he starting out with a strong win on the b-side over top level player Mario Morra (7-9). Shane’s stand-up style of play continued into the evening as his game got stronger with each match. Shane dispensed his opponents one-by-one eliminating Dave Lettner (7-5), Wade Hill (7-2), Terry Snache (7-2) and Chris Lee (7-4).
In the final match of the tournament, Shane Gummerson (7) faced Chad Bishop (6). Experience prevailed and “Gummer” took the first place prize with a 7-3 win over Chad.  Nice shooting boys!
This is how they finished:

1st Shane Gummerson (7) $750 $780
2nd Chad Bishop (6) $450 $400
3rd Chris Lee (6) $310 $230
4th Terry Snache (5) $225 $160
5-6th Wade Hill (6) $160
5-6th Greg Plester (7) $160
7-8th Dave Lettner (6) $100
7-8th Jeremy Isard (6) $100
9-12th Mario Morra (11) $75
9-12th Steve Scobie (6) $75
9-12th Ronald Giron (7) $75
9-12th Adrian Fragoso (6) $75

See you at the next at Shooters in Toronto on November 30th.

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