404 9-Ball Tour

Isard Does it Again

With Toronto experiencing one of its coldest winters in history, the action was hot at Shooters Snooker and Sport Club. 43 players were in attendance for the $1,000 added 404 9-Ball Tour.
Carlin Sanderson looked unstoppable as he plowed through the top half of the bracket. Carlin had wins over Kevin Lazaro, Shane Gummerson, Alan Ada, Ronald Giron and James Wicketts.

Carlin Sanderson
Carlin Sanderson

In the bottom bracket, Jeremy Isard was feeling comfortable. Jeremy had wins over Dave Robins, Peter Hetherington, Adrian Fragoso, Steve Scobie and Naomi Williams. Jeremy faced Carlin in the hotseat match and was unable to stop Carlin’s momentum.
Waiting for Jeremy on the b-side bracket was Mario Morra. Mario had just finished a tiring battle against Erik Hjorleifson. Mario would have to settle for third place as Jeremy moved on to the finals against Carlin. Although Carlin was on top of his game, this day belonged to Jeremy. Jeremy defended his title which he won here nearly one month ago.
This is how they finished:

1st Jeremy Isard $750 $725
2nd Carlin Sanderson $500 $365
3rd Mario Morra $350 $225
4th Erik Hjorleifson $240 $135
5-6th James Wicketts $160
5-6th Naomi Williams $160
7-8th Keith Jeans $90
7-8th Ronald Giron $90

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