404 9-Ball Tour

Morra and Williams capture titles on 404 Tour

The 404 9-Ball Tour has wrapped up its 7th successful season. The money added championships were held at Shooters Billiards in Toronto on May 24-25th and BigWigs Billiards the following weekend (May 31-June 1).

John Morra
John Morra

At Shooters, a field of 45 players battled it out for a piece of the $5,000+ prize fund. On Sunday morning, only four players remained on the A-side. Mario Morra faced Erik Hjorleifson and John Morra was up against Shane Gummerson. It was Erik Hjorleifson who stole the show securing his spot in the finals with back-to-back wins over the Morra family.
But this day belonged to John Morra as it was his 25th birthday. John returned from the B-side to face Erik again in the finals. When John eventually pocketed the final 9-Ball, it was the icing on the cake. This is how they finished at Shooters:

1st JOHN MORRA $1,720 $875
2nd ERIK HJORLEIFSON $1,000 $525
3rd NORBERTO DeCARLOS $700 $325
4th SHANE GUMMERSON $450 $195
5-6th KACE $250
5-6th MARIO MORRA $250
7-8th TOL KUY $175
9-12th ALAN ADA $100
9-12th ADRIAN FRAGOSO $100
9-12th STUART MacTAGGART $100
9-12th IAN ARGUE $100

A week later, 55 players traveled HWY 404 to BigWigs Billiards for the last event of the season.

Naomi Williams
Naomi Williams

Naomi Williams was unstoppable as she marched through to the finals with wins over Rod Arsenault, Kevin Olivera, Jeremy Isard and Norberto DeCarlos. In the finals, Naomi faced the now 25 year old John Morra who was looking to take his second consecutive title. With the handicapped format, John would have to win 11 games before Naomi reached 6. Naomi pulled of the win in the final rack to be the first ever female champion.  Here are the results from BigWigs:

1st NAOMI WILLIAMS 7 $1,400 $930
2nd JOHN MORRA 12 $1,000 $560
3rd NORBERTO DeCARLOS 6 $700 $410
4th STUART MacTAGGART 5 $500 $280
5-6th ROMEO ZULVETTA 6 $350 $180
5-6th JEREMY ISARD 7 $350 $180
7-8th IAN ARGUE 5 $230 $100
7-8th ERIK HJORLEIFSON 11 $230 $100
9-12th STEFANE GODINHO 7 $140
9-12th ISAAC RAMOS 8 $140
9-12th ANDY AUPIN 11 $140
9-12th DAN MIOSI 6 $140
13-16th K.C. NGUYEN 6 $80
13-16th RANDY FAWCETT 7 $80
13-16th SUMON SARKAR 6 $80
13-16th KEVIN OLIVEIRA 5 $80



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