404 9-Ball Tour

Near Perfect Performance for Morra

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto hosted the 404 9-Ball tour on April 6-7th. This event consistently draws the big crowds. There were a total of 68 players battling it out for the title.

Mario MorraFile photo courtesy of Keith Alford
Mario Morra
File photo courtesy of Keith Alford

In the a-side semi-finals, Jeet Kandhai ousted Eric Hildebrand 7-7. On the other side of the bracket, Mario Morra was handing out donuts quicker than your local Tim Horton’s employee. On Mario’s route to the finals, he played perfect winning 34 consecutive games. He beat Chris Bateman 10-0, Chad Bishop 11-0, Alex Radomski 10-0 and then won the first 4 games against Jeet in the finals. Jeet Kandhai managed to pull 3 games together before Mario won the A-side finals with a 11-3. Mario looked unstoppable!
In the B-side Finals, Erik Hjorleifson eliminated Jeet with a 11-3 score. The win set up the last match of the tournament which was a repeat of the finals that occurred 4 weeks ago. This time the result was different as Erik beat Mario 9-5 for the title. Another great event with some spectacular pool put on display.
Erik Hjorleifson
Erik Hjorleifson

This is how they finished:

1st ERIK HJORLEIFSON $850 $680
2nd MARIO MORRA $600 $420
3rd JEET KANDHAI $450 $250
4th BRAD GUTHRIE $300 $170
5-6th ALEX RADOMSKI $200 $100
5-6th ERIC HILDEBRAND $200 $100
7-8th ISAAC RAMOS $100
7-8th RONALD GIRON $100
9-12th RUSS CORMIER $70
9-12th CHAD BISHOP $70

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