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Ramos takes the Turkey at Thanksgiving Amateur Event

The inaugural Shooters Amateur 9 Ball Event kicked off this past weekend (October 11 & 12) at the Shooters Snooker and Sports Club. If this first event is any indication, the event promises to be a very popular tournament for Southern Ontario pool players. The tournament exceeded expectations by attracting a full field of 64 players with a waiting list of players who were unable to participate due to the cap on entries. The original advertised goal of the tournament was to attract 32 players for a one day tournament but demand resulted in a 2 day tournament with 64 amateurs vying for the tournament title. Players from the GTA, St. Catherines, Cambridge, Guelph, Orillia, Barrie and London participated. Many new players who don’t usually play in the GTA tournaments also took part in the tournament.
The tournament was very competitive with several “name” players including Naomi Williams, Jeff Robson and Rod Arsenault failing to make it to Sunday play. After Saturday’s play, Adam Monture, Isaac Ramos, Raphael Balverde and Peter Hetherington were undefeated on the ‘A’ side. Teen Yan, Chris Russell, Rick Garant and Chris Lee headed up the survivors on the ‘B’ side.
Sunday’s matches saw old rivals squaring off. Ramos defeated Monture and Hetherington overcame Balverde to set up an ‘A’ side Championship match between Ramos and Hetherington. The ‘A’ side final took an unfamiliar twist as Hetherington was able to overcome his old nemesis Ramos. Experience finally triumphed youth.

The ‘B’ side final again pitted Monture against Ramos where Ramos once again prevailed setting up a rematch between Ramos and Hetherington. Lady luck had left the building for the Championship final as Ramos defeated Hetherington in an abbreviated final match caused by “Turkey Time”.
Congratulations to Isaac Ramos as the winner of the inaugural Shooters Amateur 9 Ball Event.
Peter Chin
Many thanks to those who participated and apologies to those who were unable to play due to the high demand for entry into this new tournament.
The next Shooters Amateur 9 Ball Event will be held October 25 & 26th.

Player Prize Money Calcutta
1st Isaac Ramos $900 $730
2nd Peter Hetherington $500 $370
3rd Adam Monture $340 $180
4th Raphael Balverde $200 $90
5-6th Teen Yan $100 $45
5-6th Chris Lee $100 $45
7th -8th Rick Garant $60
7th-8th Chris Russell $60
9th -12th K C Nguyen $30
9th -12th Ronnie Yuezhao $30
9th -12th Ronald Giron $30
9th -12th Dylan Ireland $30

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