404 9-Ball Tour

Young Godinho Shoots Them Down

BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket hosted the 2nd stop of this year’s 404-Tour on October 27-28th. The 56-player field was full with talent and by Saturday night, the field was narrowed down to only 12 players vying for the title.
On the winner’s side, Vince Belanger defeated Jeff Pollock 8-4 while Stefane Godinho defeated Erik Hjorleifson 7-9. Stefane kept his quick momentum going in the hot seat match sending Vince to the one-loss side with a score of 7-6. Vince Belanger then faced Jeff Pollock for the second time. Jeff was derailed by Vince 8-5 and had to settle for a third place finish.

Stefane Godinho
In the final match of the tournament, Vince Belanger (8) faced Stefane Godinho (7). The fearless style of Stafane earned him the first place prize with a 7-5 win. Stafane also picked up an extra $1,000 for his cheap $20 calcutta expense.
This is how they finished:

1st STEFANE GODINHO 7 $800 $1,000
2nd VINCE BELANGER 8 $500 $550
3rd JEFF POLLOCK 8 $360 $340
4th JUSTIN KLUZNIK 8 $250 $210
5-6th ISAAC RAMOS 7 $170 $100
5-6th ERIK HJORLEIFSON 11 $170 $100
7-8th DARREN CORSTON 7 $120
9-12th JESSE PIERCEY 8 $80
9-12th AL LOUGHEED 8 $80
9-12th ROB HALL 9 $80
9-12th NAOMI WILLIAMS 7 $80


Jesse Piercey

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