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Brandyn Bags Shooters’ “2-5” 9-Ball Group Shootout

On Sunday, April 24, Shooters Snooker Club in Toronto hosted a unique tournament for its low-level amateur players. This time around it was a “2-3 and 4-5” Group Shootout 9-Ball Tournament. Players SL 2-5 came out to compete in two separate brackets, “2-3” and “4-5”. This tournament format rewarded the top 6 from each group with a small payout, before combining the two groups and redrawing for a final double elimination bracket.
This tournament had 38 strong low-level amateurs evenly split into two groups of 19 (SL 2-3 and SL 4-5). With two one-day events during that weekend, the total number of players participating in tournaments at Shooters was 78. This one day event had a total prize pool of $1,230 and a Calcutta of $1,000
The players hit the felt, and a few matches later, the 13 players were eliminated from each group to determine the top 6 of every group.
The 6 finalists from each group and their group payouts were:
“2-3” Group
Annesa Edoo – $25 (A-Side)
Androu Gerges – $25
Terry McCarthy – $15 (B-Side)
Jack Richard – $15
Cameron Roberts – $15
Martin Snajdr – $15
“4-5” Group
Norm Santos – $30 (A-Side)
Blake Tyas – $30
Tomas Martinez – $15 (B-Side)
Kawa Arab – $15
Brandyn Griffin – $15
Chris Alimurung – $15
These 12 finalists were then entered into the redraw in the Shootout portion of the tournament to compete for an additional $1,000 prize pool and $1,000 Calcutta.
After several matches in the Shootout bracket, there were 4 players remaining. On the A-Side, Brandyn Griffin and Martin Snajdr would do battle in the hot-seat match. Meanwhile, Androu Gerges and Chris Alimurung faced off to see who would play the loser of the hot-seat match. Brandyn defeated Martin 6-2, sending him to the B-Side to face Chris, after Chris defeated Androu 6-2. Chris defeated Martin in the B-Side finals 6-3 in his 5th consecutive win, after losing his first shootout match to Martin.
The true double elimination final match was set between Brandyn Griffin and Chris Alimurung. Brandyn continued his great shooting and defeated Chris 7-4 in the finals. Congratulations to our “25” 9-Ball Group Shootout Champion, Brandyn Griffin. Brandyn shot well throughout the day to stay undefeated in the shootout stage after fighting his way through the B-Side of the group stage. In this shootout format, the top 6 from each group were paid out a small portion of the prize pool, before redrawing for the shootout double elimination tournament.

Chris Alimurung, Peter Chin and Brandyn Griffin
Chris Alimurung, Peter Chin and Brandyn Griffin

Thank you to everyone that came out to support, including the 78 total participants for both one-day events this weekend.
Shooters’ Upcoming Events:
April 30/May 1: Shooters’s 404 FINALE with 15% added from the 8 tour events, and additional added money.
May 1: Shooters’ “2-5” Scotch Doubles 9-Ball Tournament (Max Team Handicap: 8)
Please check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and for dates and details for all upcoming tournaments.
Event: Shooters’ “2-5” 9-Ball Group Shootout
Date: April 24, 2016
Field: 38 (2-3 group: 19 and 4-5 group: 19)
Prize Pool: $1,230 ($230 paid before shootout stage)
Calcutta: $1,000
1. Brandyn Griffin – $420
2. Chris Alimurung – $280
3. Martin Snajdr – $180
4. Androu Gerges – $120
**Calcutta Not Included**

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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