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Ronnie Zhao: Shooters’ “2-4” 9-Ball Champ

After the previous weekend’s “2-4” 8-Ball event, Shooters Snooker Club in Toronto hosted another “2-4 event, this time it was a 9-Ball tournament. After the previous day’s “4-9” Amateur 9-Ball event, this event showcased the skills of the up and coming pool players in and around Toronto. The field of 30 players helped ensure that the event finished in one day. This field of players competed in close matches throughout the day for their share of a combine prize pool and Calcutta slightly less than $2,000.
The tournament proved to be truly unpredictable, after there were a few big upsets in the very first round. After a few rounds of play, the 4 undefeated players on the A-Side were:
Robin Harris vs Simone Lloyd
Jose Ramos vs Ronnie Zhao
Over on the B-Side, Androu Gerges and Allen Rickets awaited the losers of the A-Side quarterfinals. After taking a 4-1 lead over Simone, Robin could not slow down Simone’s comeback to win the match 4-4. Ronnie comfortable beat Jose 6-2 in the other A-Side match.
Robin and Jose were not welcome too kindly on the B-Side, as Allen defeated Robin 5-3 and Androu sealed his match against Jose 4-0. Androu continued shooting well, knocking Allen out in the next round of the B-Side.
Meanwhile in the hot-seat match, Ronnie continued shooting well and cruised past Simone 6-1. Simone would then do battle against Androu in the B-Side finals. Androu jumped out of the gate with a 3-1 lead, getting to the hill, before Simone won the next two matches. In the double-hill game, Simone came up short on a difficult shot on the 9 and Androu took advantage and sealed the match.
The finals between Androu and Ronnie was exciting to say the least. In the true double format, Androu had to beat Ronnie in two straight sets. Androu and Ronnie exchanged the first two games with early 9-ball combos before Androu got the best of Ronnie, defeating him 4-2 in the first set. Ronnie would fight back and win the second set and the tournament. Congratulations to Ronnie Zhao for a great showing all day, and kudos to Androu Gerges for persistently coming from the B-Side to beat Ronnie in the first set before losing the final set. This was truly anyone’s tournament to win.
Thanks to all the staff, organizers, players, and supporters who made this tournament possible and for supporting the low-level amateurs. Next Sunday, April 10 will be another SL “2-5” 9-Ball tournament. Register early to avoid disappointment.
Shooters’ upcoming events:
April 9/10: Shooters’ 404 9-Ball Tour Event #8
April 10: ‘2-5’ 9-Ball Tournament
Please check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and for dates and details for all upcoming tournaments.
Event: Shooters “24” 9-Ball Event
Date: April 3, 2016
Field: 30 players (One Day)
Prize Pool: $1,180
Calcutta: $690

  1. Ronnie Zhao – $400
  2. Androu Gerges – $260
  3. Simone Lloyd – $170
  4. Allen Ricketts – $120
  5. Robin Harris – $75
  6. Jose Ramos – $75
  7. Cesar Custodio – $40
  8. Robbie Harris – $40

**Calcutta Not Included*

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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