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Shane Van Gummerson Can’t Stop Winning!

Shane Gummerson’s constant playing and improving is continuing to show as he picks up another title. This 9 ball amateur was capped at 36 players to make it a one day event. Some of the favourites included Shane, Waleed Hashem, Rob Johnson, Paul Duell, etc. The winner of this event some say might be as unpredictable as the weather we have had this January.
The last twelve consistent of Shane Gummerson versus Art Bertoni and Farid S versus Jason K on the A side. On the B side there was Rob Johnson versus Che Lemmon, Alan Ada versus Darwin M, Naomi Williams versus Waleed Hashem, and Froland Magsanoc versus Jackson Revell. Shane dominated Art on the A side 8-2 and Jason beat Farid by the same scoreline. This now leaves Jason and Shane in the A side final to battle a place out in the tournament final.
Starting at the top of the B side, Rob Johnson was tested by Che as he won 7-3 while at the same time the Filipinos battled it out leaving Alan standing to face Rob in a 7-6 race. The match went back and forth and Rob who is known as the hill-hill king manages to take one home again winning 7-5. Now Rob faces Art and almost manages to bring it to hill-hill again where Rob would definitely be the favorite, however, Art manages to close the match out at 5-5.
On the bottom half of the B side the first match is between Waleed and Naomi, both powerhouses in the tournament. Waleed however, shows Naomi the stick winning 7-2, while Jackson beats Froland 5-2. The race between Waleed and Jackson is 7-5 as they are both +s. Waleed grabs an early lead however Jackson brings it to be hill-hill in which Waleed is victorious. Waleed now plays Farid and beats him 7-3 and is now a top contender on the B side to go all the way.
Waleed continues his dominating form against Art winning 7-1 and now awaits for the loser of the A side final match. Shane shows his first crack of weakness against Jason where he loses 7-5 and is sent to the B side final to face Waleed. Waleed, who you can see wants this title badly, does not manage to make it past Shane losing 7-4. Shane has been playing great for the past year and with his unique style it seems as if he is unstoppable.

At last we are at this week’s amateur final which is a rematch between Shane and Jason. Shane is hungry for revenge and you can see the determination that he has. Shane manages to run away mid match to win 7-4 and becomes this week’s tournament winner! Congratulations to Shane for winning another tournament and with his recent progression and tournament success Shane is now an 8 at Shooters. Shooters would also like to congratulate Jason and Waleed for coming a respectively 2nd and 3rd at this week’s tournament. While this weekend coming up is the 404, we hope to see all of you at the first installment of the Silver Jubilee Tournaments on the 21st of January in a group shootout.
Field: 36 Players ( One-Day Event )
Prize: $1660 ( $500 added and 15% Holdback for the Finale)
Calcutta: $1160
1. Shane Gumerson $580
2. Jason Knight $380
3. Waleed Hashem $240
4. Art Bertoni $160
5. Farid Samji $100
6. Rob Johnson $100
7. Jackson Revell $50
8. Alan Ada $50
***Calcutta not included***
Upcoming events:
1. 14th of January – 404 9 Ball Tour
2. 21st of January – Group Shootout Silver Jubilee Tournament.

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