Atlantic 9-Ball Tour

Atlantic 9 Ball Tour has officially started!

There is a new series of 9 ball events in Halifax, Nova Scotia called the Atlantic 9 Ball Tour. The founder, Mr. TJ Martin, has started this tour in order to bring the game of 9 ball to a higher level in this area.
There are currently 5 events including between now and March of 2016. Each of the 5 events has a $1000 in added money. Also 1st place in each event is guaranteed $1000. The Grand Finale event will have a minimum of $10,000 in added money and is scheduled for April 2016. You must have played in 3 events in order to qualify for the Grand Finale!
The format is fantastic as far as I’m concerned. It is a double knockout event with a race to 9 on both sides. The finals will be one race to 13. Magic racks are mandatory and there is also a soft break rule. This rule is 2 balls must either be pocketed, go past the headstrong or a combination of these two. Entry fees are staggered at $100 for an “A” player, $80 for a “B” player, $60 for a “C” player and everyone must pay a one time $10 membership fee. The membership also entitles the player for a 10% discount on a billiard shop purchase! The different player classes are determined by the tournament director. Each of the events will begin on Friday night at 7 pm and finish on Sunday and the number of players has just been capped at a maximum of 64 players. Mr. TJ Martin has also decided to provide further incentives for participation in the following 3 unique ways:
1. He has chosen to pay the top “B”, “C” and female player a $100 bonus at each of the 5 events.
2. He has chosen to pay the top points leaders after the 5 events. The top “A” players will receive a $500 bonus. The top “B” player will receive a $400 bonus. The top “C” player and the top female player will both receive a $300 bonus. Players must participate in 4 of 5 events to be eligible for these bonuses. As another incentive, female players are eligible for both the “C” player and top female bonuses! Women only require 3 of 5 events to qualify for the bonuses. If there are 8 women who qualify for the Grand Finale event there will be a separate $1000 added event for the ladies.
3. For the rest of these tournaments there will be a second chance tournament held on Sunday with $200 in added money (minimum of 8 players). Entry fee is $25 with the format being single knock out race to 9.
Here are the results of the first event on 28-29 November 2015.
Main Event
1st – Christian Coffey $1000
2nd – Colin MacDonald $500
3rd – Chris Dempsey $400
4th – Greg Wilson $300
5th/6th – Rocky Johnson and Bob Nesbitt $210 each
7th/8th – Dick Barker and John Snyder $150 each
9th/12th – Dana Murphy, Gord Lynch, Brad Doyle and Dewayne White $100 each
Second Chance
1st – TJ Martin $200
2nd – Kyle Richard $100
Top B Player – Christian Coffey $100
Top C Player – Dewayne White $100
Top Female – Christa Cormier $100
Mcdermott cue raffle (valued at $1199) winner – Mark Yeo
Poison jump cue raffle (valued at $140) winner – Dick Barker
The Pro Shop gift card ($25 each) winners – Dan Buchanan, Justin D’eon, Riley MacDonald, TJ Archie and Jen Potter

Special thanks to the event host and sponsor, Almon Billiards (owner Mr. Dick Barker) as well as all of the other sponsors: The Billiard Shop, Bargain Auto Parts, MPR Painting and Decor, MPR Construction, Dulux Paints, Onyx Property Management and Willman’s.
Special thanks to Mr. TJ Martin for developing this tour, Steve Cooper who was the tournament director for this event and to Jen Potter for all of her tournament assistance.
Mr. Martin is currently looking at many other exciting things to add to this tour so stay tuned. Please view the poster or visit the Atlantic 9 Ball facebook page for further details and I look forward to seeing everyone at the next event on 19-20 December 2015!
Due to the increased amount of interest I would suggest paying your entry fee as soon as possible to guarantee your spot for the next event!
To register or if you have any questions regarding the event please contact Mr. TJ Martin at 1-902-402-7954.

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