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Angela Belding taking on Canada's best in Toronto this June

Angela Belding is getting ready for her sixth national competition. She’s heading to Toronto in June to compete in the Canadian national 9-ball and 10-ball billiard tournaments. The Grand Bay-Westfield player recently pulled off a rare triple, winning the women’s 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball at the 2011 New Brunswick women’s billiards championship.
“I was so excited to get the third one, I mean, it was rare, I was so excited, I really have no other explanation other than that. I was just absolutely thrilled,” said Belding. Belding started playing about 10 years ago at the age of 21, while working at South Market Billiards. “I liked seeing what people could do with a cue ball,” she said. She knew the basics and taught herself the game by playing roughly eight hours a day.
“There was the odd person who would point out a shot here or say, ‘did you ever think about trying it this way,’ but other than that it was just a lot of play. I played a lot of pool back in the day,” said Belding. Belding started playing snooker but 9-ball and 10-ball are where her true heart for the sport lies. Ten-ball is the newest of the games, there are no flukes allowed, which Belding said makes for a better match.
She’s the youngest female from the Saint John area competing provincially, but she’s still managed to win the provincial title for five consecutive years. She came in fourth at nationals in 2002 and second in ’03. That was the year she was knocked to the B-side by Rachel Abbink but came back to beat her 7-0. “I played people who were better than me and that gave me the drive,” Belding said.
Belding took a hiatus of sorts from the sport for five years to be with her daughter. She only competed in three tournaments a year from 2005-’09. But she’s back this year and ready to contend. She’s been practising five to six times a week on a pool table in her home. “I hope to do well this year. I hope I can play well, that’s all I can ask for,” she said.
There are two women per championship representing New Brunswick this year. Valerie Bell and Theresa Hunter will be competing in the 8-ball amateur, Bell will also be joining Belding in the 9-ball tournament and in the 10-ball championship Belding will be joined by Lisa Savoy. The tournaments runs from June 7-12.
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