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CBSA Canadian Cue Sports Championships Returns To Shooters

On behalf of the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA), I am pleased to announce that the 2013 Canadian Cue Sports Championships will be hosted again by:Shooters Snooker and Sports Club
1448 Lawrence Ave. East
Toronto Ontarioshooters_logoThe Championships will run from Friday, June 21st. to Tuesday, July 2nd., with each division taking place on the dates below:
Pool Divisions:
Men’s Amateur 9-Ball: Friday June 21st. to Sunday. June 23rd.
Junior 9-Ball: Saturday. June 22nd. to Sunday. June 23rd.
8-Ball (Open & Women’s Amateur): Monday June 24th. to Wednesday June 26th.
9-Ball (Open & Women’s): Thursday June 27th. to Saturday. June 29th.
10-Ball (Open & Women’s): Sunday June 30th. to Tuesday. July 2nd.Snooker Divisions:
Open Snooker: Sunday June 23rd. to Saturday June 29th.
Senior Snooker: Sunday. June 30th. to Tuesday July 2nd.
Chenier Cup
Amateur Divisions Guidelines:
Any person that is not listed as an open player, pro, or semi-pro by their Province or CBSA can play in this discipline. Each Province does have a different criteria in ranking their players. An amateur can also play in the Open 9-Ball division, if they qualify out of their Province. If one of the Amateur divisions does not have at least 12 entries by May 24, 2013 that division will be cancelled.
Women’s Open Pool Divisions:
For fewer than 8 participants in either the Women’s 9-Ball or 10-Ball divisions all sanction fees will be used to send our representatives to the respective World Championships. In other words, there will be no cash prizes for fewer than 8 participants in each of these divisions.Junior 9-Ball Division: 
For the last three years the Junior 9-Ball division was sponsored by the Junior Association of Canadian Cue Sports (JACCS), but the JACCS association has disbanded. Due to this the Junior 9-Ball division will have a $100 sanction fee per entry. These fees will all be put back into the junior program, and the CBSA  will also make every possible attempt to pay for the expenses for the individuals representing Canada at the World Junior 9-Ball Championships.Provincial Fees:
Starting this year the sanction fee for each spot, in any of the divisions, will have a $25 Provincial fee added on to them. This will ensure that individuals from each Province or Territory in Canada can participate in the Canadian Cue Sports Championships.
10-Ball Championships Remain A Direct Entry Event:Due to the many other disciplines that Provinces hold qualifiers for, the Open 10-Ball Championships will again be a direct entry event, Sanction fees for any person that is not a member in good standing of their respective Provincial Assoc. will not be accepted.CBSA Website:
The CBSA website – – will be taking on a new look in the very near future. A CBSA sponsorship program will be announced at this time, along with other changes, in which CBSA is very excited about.
The information sheets for the Championships will be sent out to the Provinces shortly.Additional information will be found on the CBSA web site in the following months preceding the event.
Please feel free to share this information with your members.I hope you are all having a successful season in your Province. If any of you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself, or any of the CBSA Directors. We would be more that happy to address your concerns.Kindest Regards,
Steve Cooper
President, CBSA

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