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Godhino Captures Eastern Canadian Bar Box Title

tailgatorsThe second annual Eastern Canadian Bar Box Championships hosted by Tailgators in Ottawa is now in the books. With this being a handicap event ranging from 4 to 8 with each player playing to their number, this truly was anyone’s tournament to win. Even with this knowledge it still came as a surprise to see how many tournament favourites found themselves on the wrong side of the bracket early on.
Ottawa native Sam Huang (6), who now hails in Toronto for schooling purposes, provided the first upset of the tournament. He did so by beating Steve Bourada (7) by a 6-2 scoreline. Bourada is well known in the Ottawa area as one of the top players and is a legend of sorts. In his younger days he was known for being a notoriously good gambler.

Dave Casselman
Dave Casselman

This loss combined with a second round loss by Erik Hjorleifson (8), set up an early losers side match between two tournament favourites. Hjorleifson ended up winning this match however he did not win another losing next to a strong local player. Going into the final day the only one of the predicted tournament favourites remained was Dave Cassleman (7), who ended up finishing in 4th.
Stefane Godhino (6) from Toronto, who was relativity unknown before this tournament, cruised to the final undefeated. There he met up with well known and long time player Ying Yang from Montreal, who was surprisingly the only player from Québec in attendance. The final was more of the same for Godhino as he continued his dominating performance winning 6-2 and becoming the second annual Eastern Canadian Champion. The next big event being held at Tailgators will be the Ottawa Bar Box Championships which is always a well attended event, we will post the details as they come.
Top 5 Payouts
1. Stefane Godinho-$1,800
2. Ying Yang- $860
3. Brad Guthrie-$500
4. Dave Casselman-$300
5. Sam Huang – $200

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