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2007 CCS Canadian National 8 Ball Championship Results

The 12th Annual Canadian National 8 Ball Championships were held Easter Weekend April 4-7th 2007 at the DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. With representation once again from coast to coast, we congratulate all the new Champions on their hard won Titles. Here are the hi-lites:
Mens Team
If you were from Newmarket ON, you didn’t know who to watch in the Finals. Teams from the BigWigs League there had Teams playing in every Final!
In the A Advanced Division, it was Team Spain OLA! from Calgary AB (Captain – Mike Burton, Kevin Beavis, Jeremy Smith, Pete Sky and Dwayne Bjornstad) who came out on top. Always in the hunt, they made the Finals in 2005 and were the CCS Western Advanced Division Champs in 2006. In a very tough Finals match, they edged out the Brew Crew from Newmarket ON (Captain – Rob Blair, Ken Botham, John Black, Rob Brandenburg, Dan Doerner, Tol Kuy, Norm Glover and Dennis Rhodes), who are no slouches either. In 2006, they were the CCS Canadian Open Division Champs and the CCS Ontario Advanced Division Champs.
The B Open Division was won by No Mystix from Victoria BC (Captain –DL Braithwaite, Luc Tremblay, Larry Wilson, William Unwin, Andrea Wilson) over the Sauce Boys from Newmarket ON (Captain – Colin Nobes, Wade Hill, Mike Fearon, Jim Horsley, Peter Wagner and Ian Ogilvie).
The C Standard Division was won by Better Even from Calgary AB (Captain – Greg Baker, Ernie Santos, Gerry Pouliot, Mary Rayner, Marty Smith and Jeff Zubl) over the Big Spenders from Newmarket ON (Captain – Oliver Howson, Brian Stewart, Glen Roy, Rob Magill, Becky Beadro, and Roy Cillis).
Womens Team
In the A Advanced Division, it was Delicious from Hamilton ON (Captain – Danielle Morris, Jane Adams, Sheryl Richmond, Alicia Frampton and Elizabeth Kishimoto) who won out over Tony’s Sharkettes from Cambridge ON (Captain – Angela Davis, Brittany Bryant, Julie Smith, Lauren Thompson, and Jennifer Copeland) to become the new National Champs. You could say that these Finals were a re-match between these two Teams. Two months earlier, in the 2007 CCS Ontarios, it was Tony’s Sharkettes who came out on top over Delicious in the Advanced Division. The next round goes to ???
The B Open Division was won by O.I.D.M.S. from Toronto ON (Captain Sandra MacAlister, Jasmine Borden, Brenda Phillips-Ridge, Holly Purdon, Krista Brown and Josie Patini) over October from Brampton ON (Captain – Carolina Fernandez, Zabrina Wellman, Loreen Toutant and Dorothy Brown).
Mens Singles

Jason Klatt
In the A Advanced division, being the last man standing is no small feat. Doing it two years in a row has only been done by the legendary 4 time National Champion Stan Tourangeau from Vancouver BC. Twenty one year old, Jason Klatt of Winnipeg MB did it in style going unbeaten to prove last year’s title was no fluke. The Finals were all Manitoba as Jason had to win out over well known Erik Hjorleifson of Toronto ON, also originally from Winnipeg.
Erik Hjorleifson

The B Open Division was won by Rob Blair of Newmarket ON over Marty Smith of Calgary AB.
The C Standard Division was won by Rob Keating of Cambridge ON over Ryan Grant from Charlottetown PEI.
Womens Singles
In the A Advanced Division, it was a case of consistency and perseverance. After 9 consecutive top 4 finishes since 1998, I can finally announce that Denise Belanger of Toronto ON is the new Nationals Champion! Denise won out over Janet Ritcey from Dartmouth NS who showed great perseverance herself as she went all the way after losing her very first match. Not a huge surprise though considering that, in 2006, Janet was the ACS Vegas Open Division 8 Ball Champion and the CCS Atlantic Champion.
The B Open Division was won by Jill Pitcher from Caledon ON over Suzie Calabrese of Cambridge ON.
Junior Singles
In the 18 & Under Division, It was Pahdahsung Shognosh from Wallaceburg ON over Matt Thibodeau from Newmarket ON.
In the 14 & Under Division, it was Joey Furcotte from Angus ON it was who won out over Ryan Machell from Keswick ON.
Special thanks to Falcon Cues who provided a cue to each of the Champs and to Brian Bedford, the owner of Dunlop Billiards in Barrie ON and a CCS Director, who took time out from his own busy play schedule to look after the Juniors Event.
Scotch Doubles
Playing to the early hours of the morning, it was the Team of Rob Brandenburg and Carrie Dwyer who won out over John Traverse and Sharon Morrison to take the top cash and the Falcon cues. Starting this year, the Scotch Doubles Event is changing to a pre-entry, pre-scheduled format (A Advanced and B Open) which will put an end to the late finishes.
The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank the DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel for hosting us once again, Hi Country Promotions of Las Vegas for the Valley Tables and the usual stellar Tournament Direction by Gary Benson himself, the ACS certified Referee Crew headed by Jeff Phytian from Calgary AB and all the Sponsors – Labatt’s Lite, Falcon Cues, Don Broos Cue Services, Q’s 4 Less and BDR Transfers.
The 2008 CCS Canadian National 8 Ball Championships will be held on Easter Weekend March 18th – 22nd at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto ON . For more information, visit or call toll free (403) 278-4180.
1st Jason Klatt (MB) $ 1500 + Return Trip
2 Erik Hjorleifson (ON) 1000
3 Mike Burton (AB) 500
4 Bill Thompson (AB) 350
5/6 Louis Fazekas (ON) 250
John Morra (ON)
7/8 Pete Sky (AB) 175
Dan Doerner(ON)
1st Brian Bedford (ON) 300
2 Tol Kuy (ON) 150
1st Rob Blair (ON) $ 900
2 Marty Smith (AB) 450
3 Kelly Lydiard (AB) 300
4 Maurice Gaudet (PEI) 150
1st J.R. Hutchinson (ON) 300
2 Grant Bernard (ON) 200
3/4 Pete O’Dowd (ON 125
Mike Fearon (ON)
1st Rob Keating (ON) $ 700
2 Ryan Grant (PEI) 375
3 Colin Nobes (ON) 250
4 Chris Russell (ON) 125
1st Denise Belanger (ON) $ 700 + Return Trip
2 Janet Ritcey (NS) 400
3 Andrea Wilson (BC) 250
4 Krista Walsh (ON) 150
1st Melissa Bagnato (ON) 250
2 Christa Cormier (ON) 125
1st Jill Pitcher (ON) $ 400
2 Suzie Calabrese (ON) 200
3 Gail Harms (AB) 125
1st Rob Brandenburg (ON) / Carrie Dwyer (ON) $ 340 + Falcon Cues
2 John Traverse (NS) / Sharon Morrison (ON) 200
3 Chris Russell (ON) / Aurora Burdeyney (AB) 100
4 Scott Martin (ON) / Kelly Brimicombe (ON) 40
1st Team Spain OLA! (AB) $ 1500 + Return Trip
2 Brew Crew (ON) 1000
3 7-11 (ON) 500
4 Portland B (NS) 350
1st Knuckleheads (PEI) 400
2 Whatever (ON) 300
1st Mystix (BC) $ 800
2 Sauce Boys (ON) 400
3 Guelph’s Top Guns (ON) 300
1st Ales and Rails (ON) 400
2 S.T.A.L.Y. (ON) 300
3/4 Aim To Please (ON) 250
Bill’s Buds (ON)
1st Better Even (AB) $ 700
2 Big Spenders (ON) 350
3 Hustle and Flow (ON) 300
4 Knights Out (ON) 250
1st Delicious (ON) $ 800 + Return Trip
2 Tony’S Sharkettes (ON) 500
3 Hard To Handle (NS) 300
1st On A Mission 400
2 Dunlop Ladies #2 200
1st O.I.D.M.S. (ON) $ 600
2 October (ON) 350
3 8 Ball-Itis (ON) 250

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