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Lucas Hybrid 2011 BRITISH COLUMBIA 8Ball/9Ball Championships

Nick Kruger is Back


Nick Kruger

The 6th Annual Lucasi Hybrid 2011 British Columbia 8-Ball Championships, presented by the CCS – Canadian Cue Sport Association, were held February 2-6th at the beautiful Lakeside Resort Hotel & Casino in Penticton BC.
A big shout out is due to everyone at Lucasi Hybrid ; they are a great sponsor with a great line of cues. Not only do they sponsor every CCS Championship, they also sponsor every league that sanctions with the CCS in Canada.
A good tourney never happens by chance. When you have Gord and Sabrina Monteith doing the organizing, Chris Kelly as your Tournment Director and a Referee Crew headed by Jeff Phythian, you know things are going to go right. The CCS thanks them once again.
We may have ended on Super Bowl Sunday, but the action in the Tournament Room was pretty super too.
No stranger to 1st place wherever he goes, local Nick Kruger of Penticton BC, having won the 8Ball Advanced Singles in 2007, reclaimed his title and for good measure added the 9Ball title too. His determined play was a treat to watch.
Even more remarkable was the continued dominance by Maryann McConnell of Port Alberni (reigning Canadian Champ) who added her 5th Womens 8Ball Advanced Singles title to her already long list.
In team play, it was new Champions in every Division. In six years, we have had six completely different teams win the Mens/Mixed Advanced title.
A highlight was the addition of the 3 player Mens/Mixed 9Ball team event on Friday night. All 16 available spots quickly filled and it was everything we had hoped it would be.
Congratulations to all the Champs who also won CCS sponsored Paid Trips and/or Entries to compete in the upcoming Lucasi Hybrid 2011 WESTERN 8Ball Championships May 25-29th in Calgary AB.
The CCS thanks the Lakeside Resort Hotel for hosting us and all the Sponsors who help make an Event like this possible – Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Lake City Casinos, High Country Promotions, Tips Pro Shop and Shaw Cable.
Why move when you have a great site in a great city? The Lucasi Hybrid 2012 British Columbia 8Ball/9Ball Championships will be held one week later February 8-12th at the Lakeside Resort Hotel & Casino in Penticton BC.
Here’s the rundown of what happened in each Event:
A Advanced
A familiar Final with two great players squaring off – Larry Wilson of Victoria BC (2002 and 2009 Canadians Champ) versus Nick Kruger from Penticton BC (2007 BC Champ). In the end, it was local shooter Nick who claimed his second title in another very tough field.
Hot on their heels was Dave McEvoy from Vancouver BC who finished 3rd.
Advancing to the A Advanced Finals by winning the B Open Qualifying was newcomer Joshua Clover from Victoria BC.
B Open
It looked like Penticton was going to take the B Open as well but straight shooter Dave Park from Calgary AB edged out local John Burling in the Finals.
The always strong Rudy Friesen from Penticton BC finished 3rd.
Advancing to the B Open Finals, by winning the C Standard Qualifying, was Shawn Telban from Vancouver BC
C Standard
It was James Clapp of Victoria BC over Jeff Douglasof Vancouver BC.
Rick Lewis also from Vancouver BC finished 3rd.
Local Nick Kruger of Penticton BC obviously came to play as in the Finals he won out over Ron Danis also from Penticton BC who wasn’t missing anything all day.
Finishing in 3rd was Joshua Clover from Victoria BC.
A Advanced
The Finals featured a new matchup with Mary Rayner of Calgary taking on Maryann McConnell of Port Alberni BC (2010 Canadians Champ) in the Finals. Coming from the B side, this is simply Maryann’s tournament, as she went on to win her 5th BC title.
Andrea Wilson of Victoria BC finished 3rd.
Advancing to the A Advanced Finals by winning the B Open Qualifying was Ninon Smith of Penticton BC.
B Open
A very exciting Finals, but when the dust settled it was Christie Tipper from Campbell River BC who won out over local Char Wold from Penticton BC.
Sheila King from Nanaimo BC finished 3rd.
A Advanced
Having finished 3rd last year, the Ball Busters from Vancouver BC came back with a new lineup (Captain Ken Crane, Mathew Janzen, Dave McEvoy, Kevin Robitaille, Tony Tuzzi and Lance Mason) and took the title by winning out over last year’s 2010 Champs, the VI Stickmen from Victoria BC (Captain Rob Clarke, Stewart Adams, Joshua Clover, Curtis Beech, Larry Wilson and Christopher Carroll).
Finishing 3rd were the 2009 BC Champs, Cue’s Diamonds from Penticton BC (Captain – Nick Kruger, Jordan Van Troyen, Jeremiah Kruger, Timothy Lezard, Warren Lee and Joh Burling).
Advancing to the A Advanced Finals by winning the B Open Qualifying was Got Gaff from Calgary AB (Captain Kevin Allain, Colin Lomenda, Dave Park, Neil Mailer and Kara Ceschini).
B Open
Penticton came close in the A but they got the B. The local team of Stix & Stones (Captain Rick Kotowich, Dan Moran, Stuart Trimble, Glen Prochnau and Bill Mitchell) were the rock to the scissors of Team Calgary A (Captain Jeff Phythian, Ted Harms, John Weaselhead, Dan Clark and Dan Johnson) in a hard fought two set Final.
The Unforgiven team from Victoria BC (Captain – William Unwin, Jeremy Fawcett, Alan Guilbault, James Clapp and Grant Forrest) finished 3rd.
Advancing to the B Open Finals by winning the C Standard Qualifying was the Cue Shots team from Penticton BC (Captain – Doug Halverson, Gord Monteith, Bryan Yastremski, Al Allen, Lyle Hiltz and Mike Williams).
C Standard
If at first you don’t succeed was the motto of the Still The Mavericks team from Vancouver BC (Captain – Shawn Telban, Neal Ram, Abraham Mairena, Bob Kavelman and Rob Wright) With players that have played in all 6 BC Championship to date, they won out in the Finals against the Powell River Boys (Captain Paul Marier, Joel Auffret, Clay Goslee, Rick Gaeber and Derek Shwartz) who had a great first ever tourney.
The Rack & Roll team from Courtenay BC (Captain – Ed Johnson, Kevin Kane, Jason Rushton, Rob Horton and Vince Bull) finished 3rd.
A brand new event with 3 player teams playing in a single A/B/C handicapped group. Played on the night before 8Ball team play started, it was great practice and huge fun. The Finals were a battle of B Open teams with Team Calgary A(Captain Jeff Phythian, John Weaselhead and Ted Harms) winning out over Fish(Captain William Unwin, Andrea Wilson and Robert White) from Victoria BC.
Finishing 3rd was the A Advanced team Scratchalot (Captain Larry Wilson, Curtis Beech and Joshua Clover) from Victoria BC.
A Advanced
The streak continues. Larry and Andrea Wilson of Victoria BC over Nick Kruger (Penticton) and Maryann McConnell (Port Alberni). From the BC’s to the Westerns to the Canadians, this is the 7th title in the last 4 years for this super duo. They could setup a cue store with the 14 they’ve won.
Finishing 3rd was Ted Harms and Mary Rayner from Calgary AB.
B Open
Speaking of streaks, last year’s winner John Bannon comes through again but this time with partner Jennifer Hagblom, both from Penticton BC. They won out over Larry Abernethy and Sheila King of Nanaimo.
Finishing 3rd was Mike Turley and Tina Windrem from Penticton BC.
Lucasi Hybrid
2011 BRITISH COLUMBIA 8Ball Championships
presented by the CCS
A Advanced Finals
1st Nick Kruger Penticton BC $1500+ WC Trip ($425)
2 Larry Wilson Victoria BC $750
3 Dave McEvoy Vancouver BC $350
4 Lance Mason Delta BC $175
B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1st Joshua Clover Victoria BC $300
2 Bill Howie Penticton BC $150
B Open Finals
1st Dave Park Calgary AB $1200+WC Entry ($175)
2 John Burling Penticton BC $600
3 Rudy Friesen Penticton BC $300
4 Curtis Beech Victoria BC $150
C Qualifying Advance to B Finals
1st Shawn Telban Vancouver BC $400
2 Gary Morken Sooke BC $275
3-4 Robert White Sooke BC $175
Rob Wright Surrey BC $175
5-8 Gene Kawano Campbell River BC $125
Eric Rainville Penticton BC $125
Dan Johnson Calgary AB $125
Jason Rushton Courtenay BC $125
C Standard Finals
1st James Clapp Victoria BC $1000 + WC Entry ($150)
2 Jeff Douglas Vancouver BC $500
3 Rick Lewis Vancouver BC $250
4 Kim Hunt Penticton BC $125
A/B/C Finals (CA – Race to 7, CB – Race to 6, CC – Race to 5)
1st Nick Kruger CA Penticton BC $800 + WC Entry ($80)
2 Ron Danis CC Penticton BC $500
3 Joshua Clover CB Victoria BC $300
4 John Weaselhead CB Calgary AB $200
5-6 Curtis Fleck CA Crreston BC $100
Mike Isaack CB Penticton BC $100
A Advanced Finals
1st Maryann McConnell Port Alberni BC $500+WC Trip ($425)
2 Mary Rayner Calgary AB $250
3 Andrea Wilson Victoria BC $150
B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1st Ninon Smith Penticton BC $250
2 Tina Windrem Penticton BC $150
B Open Finals
1st Christie Tipper Campbell River BC $400+WC Entry ($175)
2 Char Wold Penticton BC $250
3 Sheila King Nanaimo BC $125
Winner – Lucasi Hybrid $300 Free Cue Draw for all Singles Entrants – Kim Hunt Penticton BC
A/B/C Finals (CA – Race to 10, CB – Race to 8, CC – Race to 7)
1st Team Calgary A CB Calgary AB $825 + WC Entry ($150)
2 Fish CB Victoria BC $510
3 Scratchalot CA Victoria BC $300
4 Call 911 CA Vancouver BC $150
A Advanced Finals
1st Ball Busters Vancouver BC $1400+WC Trip ($1350)
2 VI Stickmen Victoria BC $700
3 Cue’s Diamonds Penticton BC $350
B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1st Got Gaff Calgary AB $400
2 Over ‘8’ Ed Vancouver BC $250
B Open Finals
1st Stix & Stones Penticton BC $1200+WC Entry ($350)
2 Team Calgary A Calgary AB $600
3 Unforgiven Victoria BC $300
C Qualifying Advance to B Finals
1st Cue Shots Penticton BC $400
2 Best Damn Pool Team Penticton BC $300
3-4 The Ones Vancouver BC $200
Vicious Fish Victoria BC $200
C Standard Finals
1st Still The Mavericks Vancouver BC $1000+WC Entry ($300)
2 Powell River Boys Powell River BC $500
3 Rack & Roll Courtney BC $250
Winner – Lucasi Hybrid $300 Free Cue Draw for all Team Entrants – Pearl Vogt Mission BC
A Advanced Finals
1st Larry Wilson Victoria BC $150+Lucasi Cues ($800)
Andrea Wilson Victoria BC
2 Nick Kruger Penticton BC $150
Maryann McConnell Port Alberni BC
3 Ted Harms Calgary AB $100
Mary Rayner Calgary AB
B Open Finals
1st John Bannon Penticton BC $380+WC Entry ($100)
Jennifer Hagblom Penticton BC
2 Larry Abernethy Nanaimo BC $240
Sheila King Nanaimo BC
3 Mike Turley Penticton BC $100
Tina Windrem Penticton BC
4 Dan Moran Penticton BC $80
Char Wold Penticton BC

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