Derby City Classic

Derby City Classic – Bank Pool

The Derby City Classic kicked of the Bank Pool event on Friday with 402 players entering this event. Short rack bank pool requires only nine balls per game−as opposed to the old style fifteen ball version. Each ball is in play and the winner is the first to successfully bank in five balls. All matches are a race to three games.

Justin Kluznik
Toronto based player Justin Kluznik matched up against veteran bank pool player Michael Hughes from Indianapolis in the second round. Hughes won the match 3-2 by banking the very last ball. In this lottery draw format, all remaining players are matched up at random every round. Coincidentally, Kluznik and Hughes met each other again in the third round. Hughes prevailed once again with a 3-1 score. John Morra and the defending champion Alex Pagulayan remain undefeated going into the fifth round. Ashley Nowlan suffered his first loss in a fourth round match against Brandon Shuff from Virginia.
Ashley Nowlan

One pocket starts Sunday and the 9-ball event starts on Wednesday.

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