EPBF Event Schedule Update 2021

The current pandemic has pretty much turned the situation in the world upside  down. 

Of course, sport in general, and billiards in particular are not exempt. The last  tournament where we were surprised by the Corona pandemic was the Euro Tour in February 2020 in Treviso, Italy. 

Since then, the tournament scene went quiet. Other problems came to the fore  and are to a large extent still part of all our lives. 

Nevertheless, the EPBF still look ahead to the tournaments in 2021 and are in  constant contact with the hosts to ensure a safe as possible environment can be  had by all. Currently, our planning is such that we are hoping to start with the  Euro-Tour for men and women in St. Johann i. P., Austria, from 17-20 June.  After June we have the European Youth Championships planned in Laszlo,  Slovenia from 31 July to 08 August, followed by another Euro-Tour for women  and one for men at the same venue from 12-08-15-08-2021. 

Further tournaments are planned for the later part of the year including the  European Championships for women, men and wheelchair athletes which have  already been moved from April to November. 

Due to the current uncertain situation, we also have to constantly re-adjust our  planning to the circumstances. It is already difficult to find uniform and  calculable regulations in most countries at the moment. International  tournaments are much more difficult to plan because you are confronted with  different national circumstances and procedures. 

However, we are not giving up and are trying to get back to an orderly and safe  playing schedule in the course of this year. We might be forced to make changes  at short notice but we will publish these on our website in the calendar  as soon as possible in order to inform everybody as best as possible. 

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