EPBF & Kozoom go crazy!

The EPBF & Kozoom announced today that the entire Thursday of the Dynamic Billard BHR Treviso Open Eurotour will be free to watch for everybody, yes you read it correct, FREE for everybody.
All you must do is register on the Kozoom website and enjoy watching any match of your choice, no payment needed only your registration is required. IBPF President David Morris said: “Its great that we can take our sport out to a wider audience, albeit only on the Thursday but it will be a treat for all billiard fans worldwide and we are looking forward to a successful event.”
Kozoom is producing many billiard events throughout the year and have established themselves as the #1 in billiard streaming, no other platform allows fans to watch so many different matches at the same time. Kozoom CEO Xavier Carrer said: “It is a great opportunity to show the world what our members receive every event and we hope that this will attract more people to our billiard platform.“
Membership of kozoom can be obtained via the website and will be needed to watch Friday’s and Saturday’s matches unfold.
In addition to the Thursday’s free service on Kozoom, the EPBF will be showing all Thursday’s matches that are produced on the main TV table, simultaneously on the EPBF facebook page.

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