Preparations getting into the final stage

The preparations for the Dynamic Billard European Pool Championships 2018 are getting into the final stage today.

The huge room which will be filled with sixty 9-foot-tables is looking amazing when empty as shown on the picture. This room is part of the host hotel, the NH Conference Centre Koningshof in Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

In order to be able to carry out the biggest pool tournament in European history so far, many helpers and workers are needed.

14 people are helping with the actual setup of the venue, including 4 technicians from the hotel. 3 people are only working on the internet facilities in ordert to provide the Kozoom staff with a stable line so the live stream of 60 tables can be executed without major problems. There are 6 persons setting up the pool tables.

During the event, three tournament leaders will run the different divisions. They are supported by 21 international EPBF Referees and 3 EPBF Head Referees. Additionally, the two Sports Directors Ana Matesic and Tomas Brikmanis will overview the running of the event. Five Board Members of the EPBF will be present during the event. For press and media work, another two people cooperate with two photographers and two IT-technicians.

Having not mentioned all helping hands here, a total of 51 people are taking care of an enormous amount of tasks in order to make this event an unforgettable tournament in the European history of the sport.

During the whole time, all 6o tables will be streamed live. Furthermore, the opening ceremony will be on live stream. Semi-finals and finals will be broadcasted live on Ziggo Sports TV in The Netherlands.

A little bit more than a week and the games are ready to begin…

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