Alan Rolon – The Americas International Open 10-Ball Champion

Alan Rolon of Puerto Rico was crowned champion of the International Open the Americas 10-Ball in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where 45 players from 14 countries took part.
The Americas opened in the format of 6 groups of 8 players where they classified 4 per group and then the 32 moved into single elimination. Alan Rolon had to battle from the beginning in his group to have to face the Venezuelan Gregorio Sanchez, who beat 6-4 to qualify to the 32 in simple elimination.
In the second stage Alan Rolon defeated Dominican Rafael Cosme 8-2 and then defeated the Dominican Ambiorix Veloz 8-2 to qualify in the last 8. In the quarter-finals Alan Rolon defeated his compatriot Efrain Morales 9-2 to move to the semi-finals. In the semifinals Alan Rolon had to battle hard to beat the Venezuelan Javier Martinez 10-7, in one of the most exciting games of the event, to qualify for the final against the Dominican Ramón Díaz.
On the other hand the Dominican Ramon Diaz had it relatively easy in his group to face in the last 32 to Alberto Diaz of Venezuela which defeated 8-2. Following that, Ramón Díaz (Raulito) defeated Edwin Garcia of Puerto Rico 9-4 to move to the quarter-finals. He then defeated his compatriot Jhon Castillo 10-3.
Alan Rolon and Ramon Diaz clashed in the final race game to 11, which kept the audience present with excitement all the way to the end when Alan Rolon winning 11-8
1- Alan Rolon (Puerto Rico) 2,700 us
2- Ramon Diaz (Rep, Dom.) 1,300 us
3- Javier Martinez (Venezuela) 700.00 us
4- Jhon Castillo (Rep. Dom) 700.00 us
5- Edwin Garcia (Puerto Rico) 350.00 us
6- Aaron Goodwin (USA) 350.00 us
7- Danny Gokhul (Guyana) 350.00 us
8- Efrain Morales (Puerto Rico) 350.00 us
9- Ambiorix Veloz (Rep Dom) 150.00 us
10- Zoltan Koszja (Hungary) 150.00 us
11- Enmanuel Alvarado (Rep. Dom.) 150.00 us
12- Reyes Gomez (Rep. Dom) 150.00 us
13- Wellington Reyes (Rep. Dom.) 150.00 us
14- Alberto Diaz (Venezuela) 150.00
15- Francisco Muñoz (Rep. Dom.) 150.00 us
16- Joel Borges (Rep. Dom.) 150.00 us.
The Dominican Federation of Billiards FEDOMBILL, thank all the billiards for participating in the Event and Congratulate Alan Rolon for winning the Event, and see you next year.

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