Attention: Pro Players! July's, 'West Coast Swing' events/entry/forms

There are 6 events total at 4 venues. The dates and locations have all been carefully coordinated so that you can play them all. Since, we anticipate this year’s ‘Swing’ events to fill, we want to make sure that all the professional players get entries in as soon as possible. Also, please forward this email to anyone that you think these events may be worth sharing with, such as sponsors, brand managers, backers or other pro players. Each event poster is attached on this email with pertinent contact info and entry details.

This letter is a reminder to get your entries in before these events get filled!
The 2016, ‘West Coast Swing’ events are as follows: 

  • July 2-3 / San Francisco, CA – The 4th Annual Cole Dickson 10-Ball / $2,500 added 10-Ball
  • *July 5 / California Billiards, Fremont CA – (Bonus Event • $500 Entry) 8 Players ONLY / Double Elim / Race to 7-7
  • July 6-8 / California Billiards, Fremont CA – West Coast Challenge / $5,000 added 1-Pocket
  • July 8-10 / California Billiards, Fremont CA – West Coast Challenge / $5,000 added 1-Pocket / $10,000 added 10-Ball
  • July 15-17 / Hard Times Billiards, Bellfower, CA – Hard Times 10-Ball Open / $5,000 added 10-Ball
  • July 20-22 / Rio All Suites, Las Vegas NV – CSI, U.S. Open 10-Ball / $15,000 added
  • July 23-25 / Rio All Suites, Las Vegas NV – CSI, U.S. Open 8-Ball / $15,000 added

Entry Fees at each event: 

Mosconi Points awarded on the following events:

  • West Coast Challenge 10-Ball
  • U.S. Open 10-Ball
  • U.S. Open 8-Ball

CSI Entry Awarded to 1st place on these events (8 or 10 ball choose one): 

  • Cole Dickson 10-Ball
  • West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket
  • West Coast Challenge 10-Ball
  • Hard Times 10-Ball

*July 5th “Bonus Tournament” / “Pool Gods Play!” / California Billiards
In addition, California Billiards will hold a bonus event! Open to only 8 players, it will only pay 1st and 2nd place. Entry fee is $500. If you would like to sign up, please contact, Chris Swart as soon as possible and we will take a ‘call in’ entry. This field will fill very quickly. Here’s the format:
“The Pool God’s Play” – 10 Ball Tournament / OPEN TO 8 players only

  • July 5th @ 1pm / One Day Event
  • $500 Entry Fee / No Green Fee
  • Double Elimination / Race to 7•7
  • Call 10 Ball Only
  • 1st Place – $3,000
  • 2nd Place – $1,000

If you have any additional questions or requests please feel free to contact me via phone or email. Best of luck to all those competing this year!

Daniel Busch

POV Pool continues to develop relationships with all walks of life in the Billiards world ranging from, venue owners, professional players, league owners, cue-makers, apparel designers, product vendors and not to mention a host of fans of the streams itself.

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