Best Pool Lounges in London Town

There are still great pool halls to be found all over the English capital

Not so long ago it was rare to ever walk into an English city or country pub and to find there was no pool table or darts board.

However, as pubs have begun to struggle to survive, pool tables have been deemed to be not cost-effective enough, meaning that many have made way for extra seating or standing room.

With people missing their classic bar games, new premises have started to spring up that in many cases cater solely to pool, snooker and billiards players, with many putting a twist on the smoky snooker and pool halls of yesteryear.

Here are some of the best ones that exist in London today.


Smack bang in the middle of Shoreditch and just a couple minutes’ walk from Old Street station, McQueen is a unique venue, blending American pool tables aesthetics with a fully functioning casino and nightclub.

This means that a Saturday daytime can be spent playing pool and spinning the roulette wheel, before you and your friends hit the dance floor. Then, once the gaming hall closes and you still want to play, there are always mobile casino options available, along with numerous types of mobile pool-related titles so even on late nights, you’re always able to nurture the gamer in you.

Whether you want swanky surrounds or a spit and sawdust atmosphere, London has you covered

Efes Snooker Club

For Dalston locals, Efes is an institution, masquerading as a chilled out and casual pool hall in the early evening, before the tables and cues are cleared away to make way for a DJ and dance floor.

This really is a spit and sawdust type of venue, with coats being strewn in a pile rather than in a cloakroom, but that all adds to the unique feel of the place. Just do not take your favourite jacket, because kissing it goodbye is as good as being part of the entry fee.


Wedged in the city, Brigadiers is mainly known for being an Indian restaurant that specialises in BBQ. However, hidden away in its midst is a private pool room, replete with a rather dangerous drinks dispenser.

As soon as you work up a hunger and need something to soak up that self-served drink, rest assured there is all the BBQ meat you can handle.

1920 Bar

If you want to be thrust back in time to 1920s New York, then this is the place to be. Strike your best Bugsy Malone pose through Farringdon, and then go about hustling at the tables.

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