Morra wins John Furman Memorial Tournament

I would just like to start by thanking a few people that helped me make this event possible. I would like to thank JD Botsford for letting us use his awesome tables and donating all the green fees to the cause. Graham Randall for being the Tournament Director for this event, with his knowledge of the game and his fantastic organization skills, he made this tournament run smoothly. He is also running his own tournaments starting next week at the Break Room that should be a must for any player in the area to play in. I would also like to thank Brad Lucas for being a fantastic promoter for this event and Jeff Dick for being the best and most entertaining Calcutta man I have ever seen. I would also like to thank Kenny Chen for donating a Bungee jump cue for auction and Roy Mason for donating a beautiful Falcon pool cue in a raffle. I also want to thank all the players that came to this event, without all of you this would not have been possible.
We held this event with the intentions of having a 64 player field, but unfortunately we only had 27 players. However, the 27 player group couldn’t have been any better. With the 27 players, we managed to raise $565.00 for the cause. With names in the field like John Morra, Mario Morra and Erik Hjorleifson this event was a huge success. This Tournament will be an annual event held every year at the end of November. This event will continue to be open to all players, as this is how John Furman would have wanted it.
This was a long day with the tournament ending at 1:30 am with the winner being John Morra. He only lost once to his father Mario in the first round. He managed to go on to the final beating Jermey Bolahood 11-5 and 11-6 to take the first ever John Furman Memorial Cup. John Morra put on a clinic on how to play the game. Thank you once again to everyone who showed up to this event and donated their time and money.
1st Place  John Morra $600.00
2nd Place Jermey Bolahood $350.00
3rd Place Erik Hjorleifson $250.00
4th Place Mario Morra $150.00
5/6 Place Bernie Fulford $90.00
5/6 Place Ryan Vanheste $90.00
Tournament Bracket

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