Pool Players Gave Back

On March 14-15, 64 players participated in the Pool Players Give Back fundraiser tournament. Over $500 was raised toward the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  This tournament was held at Rhythm N Cues in Sudbury Ontario. Andy Aupin lost his first match and won 12 straight matches. Andy jumped in the 8 ball to win against Marc Julien, who played with the heart of a champion. What an incredible final!

1st Andy Aupin $2,000
2nd Marc Julien $1,265
3rd Louis fazekas $800
4th Derick Girard $450
5th Jeff Vaillancourt $250
6th Tyler Paradis $250
7th Alex Lalanne $150
8th Wayne Graves $150
9th Wayne Brunelle $100
10th Dan Lewis $100
11th Jonathan Lessard $100
12th Freida Nassas $100
13th Dave Mandia  $60 gift  certificate
14th Sly Rondeau  $60 gift  certificate
15th Steve Spencer  $60 gift  certificate
16th Eric Bradley  $60 gift  certificate

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