Super Billiard Expo – Diamond Open Results

The Super Billiards Expo was held April 4-7th, 2013 at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison, NJ. Live streaming of the event was provided by InsidePoolTV.  The event was sponsored by Simonis Cloth, Diamond Billiards, OB Cues and Kamui Tips.
The format for the ladies event was Single Elimination, 9-Ball, Race to 11 and Rotate Break.  19 ladies paid the $300 entry fee with a guaranteed first place prize of $5,000. This is how they finished:

1st Allison Fisher $5,000
2nd Lia Jia $1,500
3rd Sarah Rousey $800
4th Dawn Hopkins $800
5-8th Morgan Steinman $650
5-8th Brittany Bryant $650
5-8th Erin McManus $650
5-8th Grace Nakamura $650

The men’s event was 10-ball and limited to 64 players.  The $500 entry fee ensured a hefty payout.  The single elimination event was race to 8, best 2 out of 3 sets.  Our local star John Morra got off to a quick start catching a bye in the first round.  The bye put him into the cash as the event paid out half the field (32 spots).  John wouldn’t be so lucky in his next match as he faced 2003 World 9-Ball Champion “The Hitman” Thorsten Hohmann.  Hohmann won the deciding set over Morra and his momentum continued through to the finals with wins over Dennis Hatch, Jayson Shaw and Alex Pagulayan.
On the other half of this single elimination bracket, Shane Van Boening was looking to defend his title.  He won this event last year beating  Stevie Moore in the finals.  Van Boening had wins over Donnie Mills, Robb Saez, Ralf Souquet, Darren Appleton and Warren Kiamco.

Shane Van Boening and Thorsten Hohmann
Shane Van Boening and Thorsten Hohmann
Photo courtesy of John Bertone – Kamui Tips

The final was the same format, race to 8, best 2 of 3 sets. Shane won the first set 8-6 and Thorsten took the second set 8-7. In the last set, Shane simple outplayed Thorsten successfully defending his title. Shane Van Boening is not only one of the most talented players in the game today, he is also one of the most dedicated players in the game. Always practicing, always improving. Congratulations Shane, you earned it.

1st Shane Van Boening $10,000
2nd Thorsten Hohmann $5,000
3rd Warren Kiamco $3,300
4th Alex Pagulayan $3,300
5-8th Darren Appleton $1,800
5-8th Corey Deuel $1,800
5-8th Jeremy Sossei $1,800
5-8th Jayson Shaw $1,800
9-16th Ralf Souquet $1,800
9-16th Brandon Shuff $800
9-16th Shaun Wilkie $800
9-16th Frankie Hernandez $800
9-16th Evan Lunda $800
9-16th Mike Dechaine $800
9-16th Rodney Morris $800
9-16th Dennis Hatch $800
17-32nd Robb Saez $300
17-32nd Mike Davis $300
17-32nd Raj Hundal $300
17-32nd Johnny Archer $300
17-32nd Mika Immonen $300
17-32nd Oscar Dominguez $300
17-32nd Arsenio Fernandez $300
17-32nd Cleiton Rocha $300
17-32nd Matt Tetreault $300
17-32nd Tom D’Alfonso $300
17-32nd Rajesh Vannala $300
17-32nd Earl Strickland $300
17-32nd Zion Zvi $300
17-32nd Francisco Bustamante $300
17-32nd Hunter Lombardo $300
17-32nd John Morra $300

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