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Tate and Brown Split the Cash

The 2nd event of Behind The 8 Ball event was played out yesterday at JJQs Billiards in Mississauga, Ontario. 28 players came to test their skills.
Jeremy Brown powered his way to the hot seat by beating Bob Munro 5-1, Khemo Singh 5-2, Felix Tuble 5-2 and Wayne Tate in the A Side finals 5-2.
Wayne Tate had a great start tournament also, he beat Shay Smith 6-1, Ryan Bowness 6-0, Jeet Kandhai 6-4, Daniel Benvenuto 6-0 and losing 2-5 to Jeremy Brown.
Noticeable Players battling through the one loss side included, Jeet Kandhai, Kevin Stronach, Alex Marsilli, Loreen Toutant, Sheryl Richmond-Brown and Nicholas Collins.
Felix and Daniel finished in a respectable 5/6th place finish after losing out to Jeet and Khemo respectively. 4th place went to Jeet after losing to his good friend Khemo. Khemo’s tournament ended in 3rd pace after losing a heartbreaker to Wayne.

Finalist – Wayne Tate
Wayne was looking for a shot at Jeremy again and hoping to redeem himself. Wayne had to beat Jeremy twice With both players missing opportunities early on, someone needed to capitalize and finish off strong. Jeremy just wasn’t getting any luck and finally lost to Wayne 6-2. Both players had agreed to split the prize fund after that and call an end to the days play.
Thank you to all the players and we look forward to seeing you again on the next tour stop on September 22/2012.
Congratulations to:
1st. Jeremy Brown $195
1st. Wayne Tate $195
3rd. Khemo Singh $105
4th. Jeet Kandhai $45
5/6th. Felix Tule $30
5/6th. Daniel Benvenuto $30.

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