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Our English Billiards league was formed in 1921 and consisted of just a few teams. The teams’ players were mainly members of the Fort Osborne Army Barracks in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Originally, each team rated their players as #1, #2, #3, etc. and each player played against the opposing team’s same rated player (for example, player #1 on one team would play player #1 on the opposing team).  As time passed some players were improving their skills to the point where some matches were becoming unfair.  This produced the need for a handicap system and one was eventually adopted into the league.  Exactly when is disputed, but it was in place in 1949 when Mr. Tom Hargreaves joined the league.

Jon Miller with Clive Scott (Head Referee) and Rob Hall First winner of the Vimy Ridge Open
Jon Miller with Clive Scott (Head Referee) and Rob  Hall First winner of the Vimy Ridge Open

At one time, each match night consisted of 3 matches due to the fact that some Clubs had one table.  These Club matches started as early as 5:30 P.M. so as to be able to finish the matches that night.  As the popularity of English Billiards grew in the Winnipeg Area and most clubs acquired a second table, a “four match” format was eventually adopted.
At this time, I would like to take a moment to thank the three life members in our league; Mr. Tom Hargreaves, a 49 year member of the Veterans English Billiards League including 25 years as Secretary/Treasurer (Deceased 2008), Mr. Jim Simm and Mr. Ray Trinder (Deceased 2013). Without their grit, determination and love for the game, the VEBL might not exist today!  THANK YOU!
Americas' Cup LogoMr. Tom Hargreaves also took the time to preserve the VEBL history and memories.  Mr. Harry Lockwood introduced a young Mr. Hargreaves to the game of English Billiards and they became fast friends!  Our Canadian English Billiards trophy bears his name “the Lockwood”.
About Us
The VEBL is a handicapped league. The game is played to 200 points, +/- each players individual handicap.   Our league at one time supported 22 individual teams, and is presently supporting 11 teams with an average of 8 players per team.  Matches are held throughout the ANAF units and Royal Canadian Legions here in Winnipeg.
The handicaps range from +30 to over -300.  A novice player starts at +20 and his/her handicap changes by 10 point increments based on win/loss record for their first 10 matches.  After 10 matches it decreases to 5 points per match.  Four games per Club are played each Thursday night starting at 7:00 p.m.
The home team posts 4 players and the visiting team matches its players to the 4 posted. For example:  the visiting team Captain may play a -250 player against a +20 player.  The -250 player must make 450 point while the +20 player need only make 180 points.  Each match is refereed by a player from the home team.  Three round robins are played during the season with the top six teams playing off for the championship shield.  Rules are those used by the IBSF.
Jack Sparrow Memorial Shield
Jack Sparrow Memorial Shield

During the regular season individual tournaments are played.  The Lockwood Trophy is for the top 16 players in the league and is played with no handicap.  The Bardal Trophy is for players -35 and up.  The McLean Trophy is for players -30 and under.  The Ray Trinder Trophy is for players from 0 to +30.
Objectives of our League
The objectives of the Winnipeg VEBL is to bring within the fold of our League every person eligible who is willing to learn, promote and play the game of English Billiards.VEBL LOGO
To ensure for the league and our teams quality players who will promote comradeship, instruct and advance the game of English Billiards, while adhering to fair play and sportsmanship at all times.
All of which we propose to do by conducting ourselves in an honorable and friendly manner in accordance with the provisions of and in conjunction with the Constitution and By-Laws of the league.
Vimy Ridge Classic Logo
A number of our VEBL members have travelled overseas to compete in Open and World English Billiards tournaments.  It was our involvement and persistence that allowed the VEBL to host the first international tournament in Canada, the Americas’ Cup & Vimy Ridge Pro/Am!  This event was held August 2013 and the event attracted 16 of the World’s Top Professional and Amateur players from around the World plus 14 local VEBL players.  Players attended from the United Kingdon, India, Qatar, the Isle of Jersey, Austria and Calgary!  Thank-you to Mr. Dave Blacklaw, Fraser Durham, Greg Harder, Rick Kendall and Al Senkiw for paving the way!
The VEBL is planning the 2015 Americas’ Cup/Vimy Ridge Pro/AM International tournament, to be held in at Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283, 3584 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
As part of our fundraising activities, the Americas’ Cup committee is holding bi-monthly Texas Holdem Deep Stack events at the Winnipeg South Osborne Legion, 426 Osborne St.  Plans are also in the works to hold a fundraising social later in 2014 or early 2015.
The program for the last event provided our sponsors with an opportunity to advertise, we are again looking for help from past sponsors and new business sponsors to fill our 2015 program.  For more information or if you want to become a sponsor for this event and/or our Outreach Program please contact:
Jon Miller – President
Winnipeg Veteran’s English Billiards League
Director WVEBL Americas’ Cup/Vimy Ridge Pro/AM 2015
PH: (204) 885-4970 | Cell (204) 295-0724
Email: | |
Web: |
Or visit one of our websites
Our organization is recognized by the Canadian Billiards Snooker Association (CBSA) and is also under the International Billiards Snooker Federation (IBSF) umbrella.  The World English Billiards governing body has recognized our organization and has given us the entire Continent as our responsibility.

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