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CJ Wiley – Pinning the Shot

CJWiley_AdThe confident stroke must have the following characteristic – the shooting hand must draw back and return to the starting position (where the tip is directly behind the cue ball) with acceleration. This guarantees the maximum force is achieved at the moment of contact – many players think they do this effectively, only a few actually do.
This isn’t achieved by trying to “stroke” smoothly though the cue ball – although this “sounds good,” it leads to a slight deceleration and the inability to get that quick, precise reaction desired from the cue ball.
It’s very difficult to see the difference, however if can be heard…..I call this “pinning the shot,” and it makes a distinctly higher pitched sound at impact. Buddy Hall was one of the greatest strikers of the cue ball and I mastered the technique from watching and listening to him…..he knew the “secret” of using the edge of the tip to play the game. ‘The Game is the Teacher’ – www.cjwiley.com

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