OrangeLoops launches DrillRoom to enable AI based training in billiard

OrangeLoops, software development company, announced the launch of DrillRoom, the first mobile application to use artificial intelligence to assist players in training billiard drills, automatically tracking gameplay in real time, and generating player stats.  

The app relies on the user setting up the device in a stationary position, in a tripod or stand, pointing the camera towards the billiard table, allowing the device’s camera to capture the scene. Based on the stream of video DrillRoom makes sense of the gameplay to keep score and store stats.

The iOS application initial release provides a selection of drills in speed control, shotmaking and positional play. Audible feedback of a virtual coach is provided to guide the player through the experience, providing encouragement and tips in the process.

Based on the player runs of the drills’ stats are collected and displayed in a dashboard summary, allowing users to track progress over time.

Some of the early feedback by the users includes:

Good teaching tool! A little finicky but stick with it, after a few tries you will get the hang of it. Look forward to seeing updates!”

“All in all a very exciting app though. The possibilities are endless. “

OrangeLoops is working on future updates to introduce among other things user created drills.

The application can be downloaded for free in Apple’s app store. It is available for both iPhone and iPad.

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