Break Shot Patterns – How to Close 14.1 Racks Like a Pro

Phil Capelle’s new book and DVD have just been published. The 288 page book includes 110 patterns as played by all time greats like Rempe, Hohmann, Sigel, Reyes, Souquet and so many more. The spiral binding makes it easy to set up and practice your position and patterns, and to match your skills with the pros.
The 2 hour DVD is adapted from Accu-Stats collection of world class competition as the pros run the last 4 balls from the 110 patterns.
So, you can learn by 1) watching the pros, 2) practicing the run outs, and 3) reading my detailed analysis of each series of 4 shots.
Shipping to Canada is $10 for priority mail.
For more information and numerous samples of the book and DVD, visit

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