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"Moving Day" at Turning Stone Classic

turning stone.Today is day 3 from the $25,000 added Turning Stone Classic in Verona N.Y. Yesterday was mostly loser side brackets as the players who lost in the first two rounds began inching their way towards the money rounds. Going into today Canadians such as John Morra, Erik Hjorleifson, Alain Parent, Danny Hewitt, Martin Daigle and Brittany Bryant are all still in the mix.
I was lucky enough to drive down yesterday to take part in my first Turning Stone event. The first round of matches that I saw included Erik Hjorleifson vs John Morra. It was unfortunate that to close friends and two of  Canada’s best hopes to take down this event had to play so early on in the draw. In the end Morra moved on by a scoreline of 9-3 with the help of 6 break and runs.
Morra went on to win a his next match as well against well known Joss Tour competitor Ron Casanzio 9-5. Hjorleifson went on to win his 10 pm match and is currently playing against R. Staskwoski. Winner of that match goes on to play Corey Duel to get into the money rounds.
Also there is lesser known Canadian talent putting on strong performances as Steph Doiron and Sylvain Grenier are both final 16 on the winner side.
For the sake of getting the information out as fast as possible I will be updating through our Cue Sport Nation Facebook. Also Azbilliards courtesy of Upstate Al has been providing a fantastic free live stream.

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