Joss Northeast 9-Ball

Turning Stone Classic Payouts

Complete results with prize money amounts for Mike Zuglan’s Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour’s, “Turning Stone Classic XXIII 9-Ball Open”. Total prize fund $41,400. January 8-11, 2015. All players were paid in cash immediately upon their elimination from the event.
1st          $8,000            Jayson Shaw (Scotland)
2nd         $5,000            John Morra (Canada)
3rd          $3,600            Mika Immonen
4th          $2,600            Jeremy Sossei
5/6th       $2,000 each – Ron Casanzio, Shaun Wilkie,
7/8th       $1,600 each – Rodney Morris, Brandon Shuff 
9/12th     $1,200 each – Johnny Archer, Danny Hewitt (Canada), Sylvain Grenier (Canada),  
                                      Mike Dechaine
13/16th   $850    each – Martin Daigle (Canada), Thorsten Hohmann, Robb Saez,   
                                      Stevie Moore
17/24th   $550    each – Stephan Doiron (Canada), Gerald Crowe, Karen Corr, 
                                      Corey Deuel, Jeffrey Ignacio (Philippines), Cleiton Rocha, 
                                      Bucky Souvanthong, Paul Pensgen
25/32nd  $300    each – Alain Parent (Canada), Willie Oney, Jason Michas,   
                                      Greg Antonakos, Dan Heidrich, Sean Morgan, 
                                      Marco Kam, Tom D’alfonso
Our second chance event on Sunday January 11, 2015 results are:
1st     $500            Raul Alvarez
2nd    $300            Phil Davis
3/4th  $200 each   Stephan Doiron, Redgie Cutler
5/8th  $100 each   Tom Acciavatti, Aaron Greenwood, Bart Williams, Brian Lipes 

Mike Zuglan

Along with being a top pro player, Mike Zuglan is the founder of the best tournaments around, the Joss Northeast 9-ball Tour. He is always wearing a smile on his face and always has a kind word to say!

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