Brian Belobradic hits the Target

On Sunday July 17th 16 players converged on Petrina’s for the fifth iteration of the SNIPER SHOOTOUT. With the likes of Brian Belobradic (9), Wayne Tate (9) and Ottawa’s own Timothy Bristow (9) this tournament was going to be a great display of pool. The format was altered to true double as requested by players and players were racing to their handicaps.
First round action featured several great match-ups. Marius Nakas (7) met Wayne Tate (9) in a great battle. Wayne was worn by the alternating break and lost (6-7). The ever competitive John Serio (7) took on Peter Aube (7) in a grueling demonstration of cue ball mastery that resulted in John’s victory by a (7-4) margin which could just as easily been reversed. Natasha Khan (5), who likes to play with the boys showed up but was blanked (9-0) by the ever aggressive and potently playing Brian Belobradic (9).
Farid Samji (7) had easy (7-1) romp over Paul Cardarelli (6). In the second round he faced John Serio (7) and won (7-4). The next match-up saw Farid take on Timothy Bristow (9). This match saw 6 ERO’s in a row by Timothy Bristow; three break and runs, and three EROs off of Farid’s dry breaks. Timothy halted Farid’s A-side run (9-3) making it to the A-side Final. Brian Belobradic (9) made it to the A-side finals without losing more than three games in any one set. He met Tim Bristow and relegated the young contender to the B-side with a (9-2) thumping.
Having defeated Wayne Tate in the tournament twice, Marias Nakas met up with Farid Samji to play the right to meet Timothy Bristow in the B-Side Finals. In a hard fought match Marius defeated Timothy and climbed back to the A-side to meet Brian Belobradic in the finale and hopefully avenge and earlier loss.
Brian demonstrated why he has been successful all these years – HE IS A POOL MACHINE. The final was a (9-2) clubbing of Marius by Durham’s Pool Potentate.
Of special note. At the conclusion of the event Timothy Bristow asked that his handicap be raised to 10 so he can play more focussed. I guess we will oblige this young man from Ottawa.
September 19 Doubles Jack and Jill
September 20th SNIPER MAX 12
October 10th SNIPER RACE TO 5
1st $220 Brian Belobradic (9)
2nd $170 Marius Nakas (7)
3rd $100 Timothy Bristow (9)
4th $85 Farid Samji (7)

Marius Nakas and Brian Belobradic
Marius Nakas and Brian Belobradic

Free Entry Raffle: Marius Nakas
$100 Mystery Match Winner Raymond Byrne (6)

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