Erik Hjorleifson wins Shamrock Open

Golf TeamGolf is considered by many as the one of the most frustrating sporting activities. When you combine golf scoring and pool shooting you have an incredibly amusing, albeit torturous game. The game of Pool Table Golf has been around for years but this was the first tournament held in memory in Ontario. It involves balls being racked in certain patterns and players having to sink the balls in as few shots as possible to complete each hole.
On March 16th, Petrina’s Taps and Billiards in Ajax, hosted the Shamrock Open Pool Table Golf Tournament. Fifteen players contested for the prize money and for the claim to fame of being the inaugural winner of the event. The field was rife with great bar box battlers.  Erik Hjorleifson, Wayne Tate, Barry Hetherington, and Colin Kerr were among those that came to try their luck in this exciting, tension filled contest.
Random draws paired up Erik Hjorleifson with Barry Hetherington and Carlin Sanderson.  All the “sons” would have to play the game of one-upmanship together.
After Round One the standings had Steve Thorne on top with a fantastic round of 65 (7 under).  His frequent teammate in tournaments around Ontario Peter Kolmjenovic was close behind with a 67 (5 under) and Erik Hjorleifson was close with a 68 (4) under.
After taking a break for pizza players came back for Round Two with some amazing displays of cue artistry.  Caroms, banks, kicks, and two-way shots resulted in fantastic scores of 63 for Barry Hetherington and 66 for Erik Hjorleifson which left them tied at 134 heading into the playoff Round Three. Rounding off the final eight were Steve Thorne with 143, Wayne Tate with 141, Peter Kolmjenovic with 139, Colin Kerr with 154, Carlin Sanderson with 153, and Greg Ross with 156.  The eight players were grouped as foursomes and the final round of play kicked off.Tate and Barry
After 53 holes the contest was close with Barry Hetherington teeing off on the last hole with a one shot lead over Erik Hjorleifson.  The “Weeman”, resplendent in his Irish Green was reckless off the opening shot and wound up scoring a triple bogey snowman. Erik finished off the Irishman with a flashy eagle to finish four shots better. Steve Thorne could not recover from his second round lapse and finished third. Wayne Tate the most consistent player finished in fourth.
Special mention must be made regarding the blistering round of 61 shot by Colin Kerr in the final round. He scored 11 birdie holes, and one eagle.  Sheer brilliance, but alas too late.  Special mention must also be made regarding the first round Albatross (3 balls off the break) made my Nick Carinci.
A great night was had by all who look forward to the next event.  Click HERE to view the scoring chart.
Erik Hjorleifson                 (68, 66, 68)          $175
Barry Hetherington         (71, 63, 72)          $135
Steve Thorne                     (65, 78, 67)          $100
Wayne Tate                        (70, 71, 71)          $75
Peter Kolmjenovic           (67, 72, 75)          $60
Colin Kerr                            (74, 80, 61)          $45
Carlin Sanderson              (83, 70, 68)          $35
Greg Ross                            (83, 73,WD)        $25

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