Event 1/5: Petrina’s Bar Box 8-ball Series

The first event of the Petrina’s Bar-Box 8-Ball Series was held on March 13th. Many other events limited the field to fourteen from Brampton to Belleville and parts in between. The event is the first of five events which is a modified single elimination event. Players cannot lose after their first round of play so they get a “mulligan match” to warm up from their drive and shake off the cob webs. Players are awarded points based on finishing position and players with three or more events played qualify for the points race.
Early favourites were Al Kinghorn and Jim Pickett but they quickly went opposite ways with Al Kinghorn (8) winning his match (8-3) over Jeffery Constance (5) and Jim Pickett (7) being dispatched by Shaun Demspsey (7), a newcomer to tourney play by a close (5-7) defeat. Al Kinghorn ran into the same Mr. Dempsey and lost (6-7) to the newbie.
Mr. Dempsey’s run would end with a match against The Kid, Joshua Bryan (6) who won (6-5) over his fellow Scarborough player to make it to the finals of the A-side. The other A-side finalist was Sean Blomeley (5) who made his way thru Leanne ”(L-squared” Lini (5) and Ron Scriver (6) by scores of (5-4) and (5-4). The two finalists came to an equitable and amicable split.
On the B-Side, Jim Pickett regrouped and won the next two matches (7-2), (7-2) over Jeffery Constance (5) and Garland Tully (5). L-Squared, Leanne Lini (5) had a B-Side bye and only had to trounce the Tunesian Hercules, Mo Larbie (5) by a a score of (5-2) to set-up the B-side final against Jim Pickett. These two seasoned players battled it back and forth before Mr. Pickett finally won the hill-hill match (7-4).

FINALE $25+$10 from GF
1st A-Side Joshua Bryan & Sean Blomeley $175 + $180 Calcutta
2nd A-side Joshua Bryan & Sean Blomeley $90
1st B-Side Jim Pickett $90 + $130 Calcutta
2nd B-side Leanne Lini $70
The next event is $300 added on April 3rd.

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