Georgi and Keating Clash for the Cash

Sixteen teams came out to Petrina’s for the first scotch doubles event of the year.  Handicaps were capped at thirteen and teams raced to five normally or four games if they were not fielding a max-handicap. The tournament started at 10:40 and finished almost fourteen hours later after great play by many teams and many near misses at greatness.
The duo of Jim Pickett (7) and Joshua Bryan (6) faced up against their A-side nemeses Jason Georgi (6) and Rob Keating (7) for the ultimate prize.  Jim and Joshua were hot having defeated the formidable team of Terry Martin (8) and Natasha Khan (5) ably dispatched Jason and Rob (5-2) to set-up the penultimate match.  With their energy dissipated Jim and Jason lost (5-2) to finish second.
1)     Jason Georgei (6) and Rob Keating (7)       $610  + $500
2)     Joshua Bryan (6) and Jim Pickett (7)           $400  + $350
3)     Terry Martin (8) and Natasha Khan (5)      $300  + $250
4)     AJ Tibayan (7) and Talete Gallo (6)             $250  +  $200
jan 2 doubles
The next big doubles event is January 31st when Petrina’s will host a Max 16 True Doubles Event.
Petrina’s events use the UHS handicap index.
16 teams
Entries from $100-$120 ($25 Tourney Fees)  = $1700
TOTAL PURSE:             $1560
Time-out Purchases : $260
Tournament Fees        $400
F&B Credit to players $320
Petrina’s retained:  $80 for tourney expenses

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