Sniper Fire at Petrina's Fireball Shootout

DEC 27th Tournament Report
28 players in attendance (avg 6.68 Handicap)
Bar Box 8-Ball Race to 5 (Modified Consolation Cannot lose after 1st Match)
Total Purse:  $1320  (Handicapped Entry structure)
$590 Added       Added after Green Fees: $170
With 28 players in attendance and great deal of players handicapped 8 or higher this even was destined to be a Sniper’s Shootout. After the first round players were divided into A-side and B-Side with each side paying half the prize money.
Erik Hjorleifson (11) marched undefeated to the A-side win over Mike Black (8). Erik only stumbled against Dean McNaughton (9) where he found himself down (4-1) before climbing back to win (5-4).sniper2
Mike Black made it to A-side Final in relatively easy fashion defeating perennial favourites, Greg Ross (8) and Sam Maltese (8) along the way.
On the B-side, Derek Babcock (5) rebounded from a first round loss and beat AJ Tibayan (7) in the final to win the loot. AJ, was no slouch in getting to the B-side after steam-rolling Martin Yacobazzo (5-1).
The big winner of the day however was Ron Scriver who won his entries to all Petrina’s tournaments for the year in a blind draw.  A free-roll extraordinaire for Mr. Scriver.
A-side                                                                               B-Side
1st Erik Hjorleifson (11)                   $280                    1st Derek Babcock (5)                     $280
2nd Mike Black (8)                            $180                     2nd AJ Tibayan (7)                            $180
3rd/4th    Greg Ross (8)                     $100                     3rd/4th    Richard Hughes (6)          $100
Dean McNaughton (9)    $100                                    Martin Yacobazzo (8)      $100

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