The Miz Whiz vs Big Ben

Pool is a game which pits opponents against their own skill set on a shared field of combat. Each player must play to their best level to pot their balls first while at the same time being acutely aware of their opponents ability should they trip up. Letting an equal or better opponent back to the table can be a game ending error. Sunday June 28th was the fourth iteration of the Petrina’s Sniper Handicapped Tournaments. Utilizing the nascent UHS Handicaps players were pitted it combat racing to one less their handicaps in a double elimination tournament.
Fourteen players contested for the prize money including local favourites Andy “The Miz Whiz” Mizan, Wayne “Tater Tot” Tate and Derek “The Big Grind” Bedard. Martin “Yaco” Yacobazzo and Ben “Big Ben Fraser” topped off this stellar field.
At the conclusion of the first round Derek Bedard (7) won $100 in the mystery Match Prize by defeating Stefan Bonicci (6). Greg Ross (7) was playing for free having won the entry draw. Andy Mizan came out hot, he defeated Frank Kakouros (5) (7-0) and Derek Bedard (7) (7-1). Ben Fraser (8) met up with two back to back sixes and won (7-2, 7-2) against Kevin Thompson (6) and Roland Amyot (6). Round Three was a tough on both finalists. Andy faced off against Martin Yacobazzo and defeated him in a thrilling (7-6) grinder. Big Ben met up with upstart Larry Chan (7) and was down (4-0) before deciding enough was enough and coming back to win (7-4). The Fourth Round was a duel to the death which Big Ben won on the hill-hill match with a break and run. Andy was not to be denied a rematch he dropped to the B-side and defeated Derek Bedard in (7-5) match which highlighted the skills each of these two players can bring to a table.
The re-match was a no contest. Andy, fueled by the spirit of competition and a pint of Stella bested Big Ben (7-2) showing age does not always dull the cue artist. The two combatants amicably split the prize money and our day was finished.
Hope to see everyone back on July 19th for SNIPER V.
The SNIPER TOURNAMENTS use the UHS Handicap system. Sign-up today
1st and 2nd Andy Mizan (8) & Ben Fraser (8) $350
3rd Derek Bedard (8) $100
4th Stefan Bonicci (6) $65
Free Entry Draw Greg Ross (7)
$100 Mystery Match Derek Bedard (8)

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