Two Jacks – Two Jills – One Goal

Jack and Jill
Went to the Hill
On every match they played
Jack was not a shot and Jill was the star
And in the end they ruled the day.
On the weekend of the September 19th, fourteen mixed pairs of cueists  gathered at Petrina’s in Ajax to battle for bar box supremacy.  The Jacks included the usual collection of Sam Maltese, Gene Lew, Francis Valdes, Terry Martin, and the jovial tippler Edgar Cuyugan.  The Jills ever ready to win the day, included Kimme Lafayette, Angela Carrigan, Janis Procunier, Yonette Alfonso, Linda Welbanks, and the ebullient Sarah Love.
The alternating shot format favours the team that is most in sync with each other on a given day. The highest handicap teams as not necessarily the best teams and this day evidenced that.
A first round match featured the powerful Terry Martin (8) and Paula Branton (4) against the team of Linda Welbanks (6) and Francis Valdes (5).  The pair of Linda and Francis found themselves behind the 8-ball so to speak but managed thru determination and great partner play to win the match on the hill (4-4).  Similarly, Derek Schussman (7) and Yonette Alfonso (4), a last minute throw-together team fought off and defeated Natasha Khan (5) and Gene Lew (7) on the hill (4-4).
Derek and Yonette defeated the ever dilatory Sam Maltese (7) and Annesa Edoo (4) by a (4-2) result before moving on to beat the strong team of Rick Garrant (8) and Jennifer Dong (4) by a (4-1) result to make it to the A-side final.
As beneficiaries of an bye Linda and Frances only a had to win their third round match against Al Young (6) and Angela Carrigan (6) to make it to the final. They accomplished this in easy fashion winning (4-2) and setting up the A-Side final against Derek and Yonette.
Derek and Yonette played valiantly but lost on the hill by a (4-3) score.  They would have to wait on the B-Side hot seat for a chance at returning to the A-side to avenge their loss.
Not content with their relegation to the B-side. Al and Angela brought their game and breezed through the B-side against, Sam and Annesa (5-1), Ryan Phulchand (7) and Kimme Lafayette (5)  (5-3) before meeting Derek and Yonette in the B-side final.  This match went back and forth and wound up a hill-hill match with Derek and Yonette winning (4-4) and earning a return trip to the A-side.
The tournament finale was a fun finish with each side a little weary from a long day of pool and the giggles and errors were coming out.  In the end Francis and Linda prevailed, in what else; a hill-hill match winning (4-4) over Derek and Yonette.
1ST Linda Welbanks and Francis Valdes                   $630 + $455
2nd Derek Schussmann and Yonette Alfonso        $350 + $250
3rd Al Young and Angela Carrigan                               $280 + $200
4th Ryan Phulchand and Kimme Lafayette             $!40 + $100

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