Yacobazzo Bests Belobradic


The new 8-ball series is underway at Petrina’s. Eighteen came to play and the field was a tough one. With players like Carlin Sanderson (110), Brian Belobradic (109), Brad Guthrie (110) and Martin Yacobazzo (102) this tournament was destined to be a battle to the finish.
First round action saw Brad Guthrie (110) lose to Randy Johnson (93) by a score of (5-2) sending him to the hinterlands of the B-Side. Martin Yacobazzo (102) won his first three matches (6-1), (6-5), (5-3) over Leon Curtin (85), Rick Bellis (100) and Carlin Sanderson (110) to make it to the final of the A-SIDE board.  Brian Belobradic (109) had wins of (7-2), (9-0) and (7-1) over Paul Cummins (85), Frank Kakouros (59) and Randy Johnson (93) to make it to the A-Side hot-seat.
On the B-Side, Brad Guthrie (110) was determined to make up for his A-Side loss. Brad won (6-3), (6-1), and (6-2) over Jody Squires (90). Charlie Haslam (90) and Greg Ross (90) to make it the B-Side final. The other B-Side finalist was Leon Curtin. Leon won his entries in our qualification tournament on December 21 of this year. After an A-side loss he squeezed two wins (7-4) and (5-3) over Paul Cummins (85) and Sam Maltese (100) to make it to the B-Side final.
There can be only one, or in the case of this format, two winners and we had two great winners. On the A-side, Martin Yacobazzo (102), bested Brian Belobradic (109) by a score of (5-5). On the B-Side, Brad Guthrie (110) easily eliminated Leon Curtin (85) by a score of (6-2) to claim the B-Side Championship.

All players are to be commended for their co-operation and patience as we work hard to implement a new handicapping system. The system allows for players handicaps to be instantly updated from tournament to tournament and allows for more accurate tracking of skill levels. At each event there is also a consolation tournament for the first eight players eliminated. This series of events also has a points fund for players participating in at least four events. All tour entries and a percentage of the event prize fund go to build the points fund which is already over $300.
The next tournament is this Saturday (January 4th) at Petrina’s in Ajax. Doors open at 10:00: Tournament starts at 11:00. For complete information go to

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