2015 NAPA Ontario Team Leagues Prize Payout Plan

As one that thinks any organization that uses your money to provide prizing, as well as making a bit of money, I feel one should provide full disclosure and transparency, as well as be accountable. Below you will see the plan I am looking at using for prizing. I will explain the reasoning for somethings I am doing.
First of all, NAPA has some great benefits. These include: No Annual Membership Fee; No Weekend Playoffs(unless it is a weekend league); No Regionals; Once you qualify for nationals, you keep your qualification whether you play or not; no holiday play; no play at christmas time;paperless mobile scoring; pros and amateurs welcome; handicap system that makes it fair to all skill levels. Some other leagues have already implemented what we started with right from the start.
For each league, the regular session length will be 16 weeks. On top of that will be playoffs. Playoffs are done on regular league night and not on weekends.NAPA Pool League
For our 4 match league nights the cost per night per team is $40. This totals to a total team session fee of $640.00. Our plan requires teams to pay session fees up front. There is a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, we don’t want to have to run after anyone to get fees. We also don’t want to have to deal with missing fees. Teams that don’t have their session fees paid in full, stand to lose 30 points per week for each week they are not paid in full. We believe that each player should contribute evenly towards the session fees. The amount per person depends on the number of players. In our four man league, you can have anywhere from 4 to 7 players.
Secondly, in getting session fees up front, we can offer prizing which rewards more people and helps prevent sandbagging.
Thirdly, once session fees are paid, what you bring to pool night, can be spent at the billiards hall. This make owners happy since you will probably spend more each night if you don’t also have to pay for pool. If owners are happy… they are more inclined to put prize money up towards the league as well, thusly, giving you a higher return on your session fees.
50% of all session fees paid by players go towards cash prizing. 100% of any prize money donated by the pool goes towards cash prizing.
In leagues that have 8 or more teams, the regular session champ will qualify for nationals, 50% of their session fees back and a free session. The 50% of session fees comes out of the prize money because it is cash. The free sessions do not come out of the prize money.
In leagues that have 8 or more teams we are going to start awarding some individual prizes. The top scorer of the league, the player with the most 8 off the breaks, the player with the most rackless matches, and the player with the most break and runs, will all receive $50. This $200 comes off the prize money and the rest of the prize money is for playoffs. We have two tier playoffs. The top half of the teams play in Tier A. The bottom half of teams play in Tier B. Tier A gets 70% of the prize money. Tier B gets 30% of the prize money. For both tiers, the payouts are as follows:
Winner: 50% of Tier Prize Money
2nd Place: 30% of Tier Prize Money
3rd and 4th Place: 10% of Tier Prize Money
Altogether, almost 70% of session fees are paid back in cash and prizes. This does not include any prize money provided by the billiard hall.
Combining the individual prize monies, regular session winner prizes and playoff prizes with the handicapping system, we feel players will probably not sand bag. If they do… they will not get much in return.
So from a prize aspect, with an 8 team league it means a total of cash and prizes of over $3,500.
The prize structure for leagues that have 4 to 7 teams is a bit different. The major one being, there is only one tier.
This is our plan.. we think it is a good one… and in all likely hood will be implementing it.
I will post some other time our prizing plan for our singles leagues.
Right now we only have leagues in the Durham Region, but we are working on expanding throughout Ontario. We are looking for locations, reps, teams and players. Being a rep in an area will be a great way to play the game you love and make some extra money.
If you want to learn more about the North American Poolshooters Association, here are some links:
National WebSite:
Rules WebSite:

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