2015 World Chinese 8-Ball Masters

2015 World Chinese 8-Ball Masters will take place at Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium in China from 5th-8th January. There will be 12 Chinese players and 12 foreign players participation in the Masters.
There are two stages. In the first stage, there will be 3 Chinese players and 3 foreign players in each group. The time limitation for each game is 130 minutes and race to 13. If there should be a tie when the whole match ends, there will not be any shot-out.
In each group, the top 4 players are qualified for the second stage. And the Top 2 in each group get into quarter-finals directly
In the second sage will be draw again. Time limitation is 130 minutes racing to 13. Single elimination. If there should be any tie matches, shot-out is the method to determine the winner of each match.



International Players Chinese Players
Anna Mazhirina RUS Yang Fan
Ralf Souquet GER Wang Peng
Naoyuki Ooi JPN Shi Hanqing
Earl Strickland USA Chen Qiang
Alex Pagulayan CAN Zheng Yubo
Dennis Orcollo PHI Wen Tiejun
Daryl Peach GBR Yu Longhai
Darren Appleton GBR Jing Yao
Karl Boyes GBR Wang Yun
Chris Melling GBR Li Bo
Gareth Potts GBR Li Hui
Stephen Hendry SCO Liu Yong


Prize money 

Champion 300,000 RMB
Runner-up 100,000 RMB
3rd   50,000 RMB
4th   30,000 RMB
5th   26,000 RMB
6th   24,000 RMB
7th   22,000 RMB
8th   20,000 RMB
9th   18,000 RMB
10th   17,000 RMB
11st   16,000 RMB
12nd   15,000 RMB
13rd   14,000 RMB
14th   13,000 RMB
15th   12,000 RMB
16th   11,000 RMB
Tie for 17th     2,000 RMB
Total 總獎金 704,000 RMB


Alison Chang

Alison has had a passion for the game since she was only 9 years old. She is the photographer and owner of the website

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