Battle at the Break Room

The Break Room is proudly holding a 9 Ball Tournament on June 25-26, 2016. This Tournament is Open to all players. This hall is filled with beautiful tables and ample room to play. The Break Room is a Player’s Hall built for Players. The Break Room is a perfect spot for Tournament play. I welcome players from all around to play in this Tournament as its going to be a Barn-burner. With the winner breaking and the 9 ball counts off the break. This is going to be an exciting Tournament where anything can happen like Amateurs beating Pro’s. breakroom
This Tournament will hold registration on-line just email Please be as truthful with your handy cap as possible because it can and will be adjusted accordingly. There will be no taking of money before registration day. So please be at The Break Room at 11:00am on June 25, 2016. If a player who is registered does not show up by 11:30am they will forfeit their spot. I hope this Tournament is one of many we hold at The Break Room. Best of luck to everyone that plays.
The Battle at the Break Room Revised

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