Yang Fan wins the World Chinese 8-Ball Masters 2015

Beijing Time 8th Jan 2015 evening, Joy Cup the 3rd Chinese 8-Ball Masters which hold by Joy had just finished, the final is between 2 Chinese players, Yang Fan, who was the first rank of 2015 beat Zheng Yubo and finally won the championship with 10 Break-and-Clean and won the prize money 300,000 RMB.
The 3rd Masters, all new regulation, the amount of native and international players increased from 8 to 12. Including many master-hand players from all over the world, Yang Fan who was born in 1987 promoted in to the 2nd stage as No.2 of his group, 13:11 he beat Chris Melling, 13:7 beat the defending champion Gareth Potts, entered the final.
Zheng Yubo who is 6 years younger than Yang Fan, promoted in the 2nd stage as No.2 as well, he beat Dennis Orcollo by 13:8 and 14:4 beat Wang Peng.
The first two Masters, Gareth Potts won all the championship, which left a lot of talk to all Chinese players, so before the 2015 masters kicks off, the mission of protecting the honor of the nation had became the pressure for all the Chinese players. With two Chinese players get into the final, this mission had been done.
Needs to be mentioned, Yang Fan won 2 championship of the masters tournament and became the top of the rank of 2015, and Zheng Yubo, has the same total of 2014. Two No.1 play the final, that proved the Masters is the ultimate stage of the best players.
The final takes the regulation of race to 13 with 130 mins limited, three break and clean, Yang Fan 2:1 Zheng Yubo up, the 4th frame, Zheng break and pot, but he lost change by a mistake, however Yang didn’t receive it Zheng won the frame 2:2.
Yang played very well in the next 5 ranks, 3 break and clean and 2 clean after Zheng’s break, 7:2. Zheng was not in good condition but he broke and clean in the 10th frame. 9:5.
Half time, fast mode on, Zheng won 2 frames and pull the score back to 7:9. Then Yang broke and lost chance Zheng pot the object ball but pot the cue ball as well, Yang cleaned,10:7. After that each of them played break and clean, 11:8.
The 20th rank, Yang would have chance to make bigger superiority, but he pot one ball and made himself snooker, Zheng Cleaned. Then Yang broke and clean again, 12:9 match point. The 22nd, Zheng broke, no pot, Yang got the chance and released all difficulties, and the last 8-ball in, Yang defeat Zheng with 13:9, won the 3rd Chinese 8-Ball Masters. And it’s the first time that Chinese Player won the championship.

Yang Fan  2015 World Chinese 8-Ball Master
Yang Fan
2015 World Chinese 8-Ball Master
Photo: Sun Xiaoguang

Final – Zheng Yubo vs Yang Fan 9:13
Liu Yong vs Wang Yun 13:7
Shi Hanqing vs Dennis Orcollo 13:9
Karl Boyes vs Alex Pagulayan 12:13
Wang Peng vs Gareth Potts 10:13
Li Bo vs Yu Longhai 13:11
Li Hui vs Chris Melling 13:11
Jing Yao vs Ralf Souquet 12:6 (Time is up)
Yang Fan vs Gareth Potts 13:7
Wang Peng vs Zheng Yubo 4:13
Li Bo vs Liu Yong 8:13
Yu Longhai vs Wang Yun 10:13
Shi Hanqing vs Chris Melling 13:9
Li Hui vs Dennis Orcollo 8:13
Jing Yao vs Karl Boyes 9:11 (Time is up)
Ralf Souquet vs Alex Pagulayan 8:11 (Time is up)
Champion – Fan Yang
Runner-up – Zheng Yubo
3rd – Gareth Potts
4th – Wang Peng
5th – 石漢青
6th – Dennis Orcollo
7th – Li Hui
8th – Chris Melling
9th – Liu Yong
10th – Wang Yun
11st – Li Bo
12nd – Yu Longhai
13rd – Alex Pagulayan
14th – Karl Boyes
15th – Jing Yao
16th – Ralf Souquet
Tie 17th – Stephen Hendry, Naoyuki Ooi, Darren Appleton, Earl Strickland, Chen Qiang, Wen Tiejun, Daryl Peach, Anna Mazhirina

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