Quebecers Clear False “Boycott” Rumors

The last time that more than 2 players traveled from the province of Quebec to play in a major snooker event in Ontario was a few years ago. The last time that over 15 players from Quebec traveled to play in a major snooker event in Ontario was probably, well, never.
pic-qc-busThat is what is going to happen next month as players are already practicing and gearing up to play in Canada’s largest snooker tournament.
A buzz is in the air this year, as conversations are happening in different rooms across the province about the 2015 Richler Cup, which is set to take place in Mississauga and Toronto on May 28-31. “Qui va gagner?” (Who is going to win?), “Qui va jouer” (Who is playing?) are some of the questions floating around.
One thing for sure, it is going to make history, and Quebecers are once again, happy to be talking about snooker.
We hope that this monumental trip puts to rest the long held false rumors that Quebec has boycotted Ontario in snooker. Ontario was never the issue and they are excited to come down and do their best.
Looking forward to a great event and thank you Quebec for showing your support.

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